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  1. Vine Vera Facial Stimulator Device, Get that Nonsurgical Face Lift at Home

    Enhance the anti-aging benefits of your skin treatments with Vine Vera Facial Stimulator. Using dynamic Iontophoresis Technology, the Facial Stimulator delivers massaging micro-currents to your skin, helping to boost circulation, energize your skin and maximize the effects of your skin care, whether battling fine lines, loss of elasticity.
  2. Resveralife Yoga Mat Sling Bag | Super Stylish, Extra Large Yoga Bag with Drawstring that Helps Fit Relaxation Into Your Busy Schedule | Blue

    It used to be that when we wanted to express that a person took on many different roles in life, we would say he or she "wore many hats." These days, it might be more accurate to say he or she "carries many bags." It seems that every role we play in life requires a different bag. There are bags we use for toting, bags we use for shopping, gym bags, handbags, make up bags, and even bags we use to clean up after our dogs. With all these roles, it’s safe to say we need a little balance in our lives, which brings us to another bag: the yoga bag.

    At Resveralife, we know that even the most dedicated yogi has a lot more to do in life than meditate. That's why we created a bag that lets you make an easy transition from whatever it is you've got on your agenda to the gym. The Resveralife Yoga Bag is durable and stylish with a drawstring closure and comfortable strap for carrying over the shoulder or across the body. Its spiritually inspired design is suitable for both men and women, and its zipper pocket is perfect for storing accessories such as cell phones, wallets, or keys.

    Resveralife knows how hard it is to fit everything into your busy schedule. Our yoga bag is just one way we're making sure you can fit some time for relaxation too.

  3. Resveralife Bubbly Champagne Aromatherapy Scented Candle | Ignite the Night

    • 30 HOUR BURN TIME – These long burning luxury candles provide you with fresh fragrance for thirty hours of enjoyment..
    • PURIFIES AND MASKS ODORS – This large richly scented candle purifies air and mask scents left by pets, cooking, or smoke.
    • FANTASTIC ADDITION TO HOME AND OFFICE DECOR – Cozy flame and a strong premium glass jar casing makes an exotic addition to any style décor.
    • THE PERFECT GIFT – A Resveralife Bubbly Champagne Decorative Candle box makes a perfect and tasteful gift set, suitable for friends and loved ones on any occasion.
    • STRESS RELIEF AND RELAXATION – This large fragrant candle offers a fruity scent with notes of lavender, hyacinth, violet, jasmine and orchid to elevate mood and relax your mind.
  4. Resveralife White Gardenia Aromatherapy Scented Candles | Makes Every Room Your Private Paradise

    The aroma of the White Gardenia is said to be so potent, it has been known to induce feelings of attraction by scent alone.

    The Resveralife White Gardenia Candle has a warm citrus floral fragrance with a sandalwood base, and notes of orchid, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, and ylang ylang, perfect for meditating, bathing, social occasions, or simply unwinding after work.

    Subtly designed and beautifully crafted, you'll find the Resveralife candle to be a charming addition to your decor, and a welcome addition to your life.

    The White Gardenia. Bright white and fragrant, it represents romance, purity, and refinement. When given as a present, the White Gardenia signifies secret love.

    In mediation, the White Gardenia is used as means of self-reflection, of achieving clarity, a way of coming to the core of the self for unnderstanding and enlightenment. It is a symbol of protection, helping to dispel negative feelings and energy from our lives, of achieving freedom, expansiveness, and vision.

    At Resveralife, we bring you the benefits of this beautiful flower in our White Gardenia Candle, a luxury aromatherapy candle designed to promote well-being and positive energies for all who enjoy it.

  5. Resveralife Acupressure Mat, Back and Neck Pain Relief Relieves Stress, Back, Neck, and Sciatic Pain

    There are certain days that only a good massage can save. Resveralife knows that we all have bad days, and we don't think you should have to suffer through them. If you're having a day that only a great massage can save, the Resveralife Acupressure mat can be just the thing you need to give your day the happy ending you deserve.

    At Resveralife, we think that life's too short to let a day go to waste, so we've created the a mat that lets you can get the benefits of a salon quality massage everyday in your own home. The Resveralife Acupressure mat combines the Chinese and Indian techniques of acupressure and yoga to achieve relief from tension by stretching your body at precise points to open constricted passageways and let energy flow freely. It targets specific high pressure points in your neck, shoulder, hips, and back to provide instant relaxation, and help you to unwind and relax for relief from soreness and preparation for a restful night of sleep, while helping to clear your mind of distractions.

    Resveralife wants to save you from all your bad days, and we're coming to the rescue with our Acupressure Mat. Let us put happy endings on all those never-ending days with the Acupressure Mat, and never let another stressful day keep you from a restful night.

  6. BeautyFrizz Untangled Hair Brushes (Blue)

    Some say you always hurt the ones you love the most, but at BeautyFrizz, we say you don't have to hurt them at all. Most of us consider brushing our children's hair in the morning a necessary evil; detangling knots and the pulling and tugging that comes with it can be a painful experience for both you and your little one, but the BeautyFrizz Untangler is putting an end to all that.

    The Untangle Brush from BeautyFrizz is designed to glide effortlessly through tangles without breakage or snags, to take the drag out of your mornings and your brushing experience. And kids aren't the only ones who can benefit from the ease of this hair detangler brush; you'll love the way the Untangler works on your own hair.

    The soft, flexible bristles are designed to treat hair gently, wet or dry, and the ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand, to gently detangle with fewer strokes and virtually no resistance. You'll love how chic this detangling hairbrush looks in cool blue, and you'll love the way it makes your hair look.

    So stop hurting the ones you love, and go gentle with the Untangled from BeautyFrizz. You'll be glad you did, and so will the ones that make it all worthwhile.

  7. BeautyFrizz Untangled Hair Brushes (Pink)

    Turn Mornings of "Ohs" Into Mornings of Ease with the BeautyFrizz Untangled.

    The days always start out on a high note. You wake up sure today will be the day, the day your brushing experience will be free of pain. The day you will be able to effortlessly glide through your hair without hitting a snag, without that sharp tug of the brush as works its way over those inevitable knots and tangles, angrily pulling at your tender scalp, soliciting those sharp cries of, "Oh!" If this scenario sounds all too familiar to you, your day has arrived. Welcome to the Beautyfrizz Untangled Hair Brush.

    The BeautyFrizz Untangler is the kinder, gentler hairbrush that turns your mornings of "ows" into mornings of ease. This detangling hairbrush is innovatively designed to easily and painlessly remove tangles as it works through dry or wet hair. Its unique tooth formation flexes and bends throughout the hair without snagging on tangles and minimizes cuticle damage and hair breakage while adding shine and texture.

    Use this detangler on all types of hair, while the ergonomically design fits comfortably in your hand for greater styling control and handling. Plus, it's bright pink, so it looks just as fun and friendly as it is to use.

    Don't just start the days on a high note; make sure they stay that way with the BeautyFrizz Detangle Hair Brush. Say goodbye to the "ohs" and bring on the ease.

  8. BeautyFrizz Untangled Hair Brushes (Purple)

    Painful hair brushing, it’s a fact of life. No matter what you do, you can't avoid those little knots and tangles that end up causing so much pain to get out. But now, the BeautyFrizz Untangled Hairbrush has put an end to painful brushing.

    You’ve seen the damage harsh hair brushes can do to, and you’re ‘knot’ gonna take it. That’s why you’re taking back the power over knotted hair with the BeautyFrizz Untangle Brush, and you're not backing down.

    This detangler hair brush is the kinder, gentler hairbrush. Its strong yet flexible bristles work to reduce the pressure on hair and glide through knots without doing damage to your cuticles. It works on all hair types, wet or dry, and the handle is ergonomically designed to fit into your palm for easy styling and a comfortable grip. Your hair will come away tangle free, shiny, and manageable without frizz and static.

    We're ‘knot’ gonna take knots, and we don't think you should have to either. Get the Beautyfrizz hair detangler brush, and take the power back from painful knots today.

  9. Beautyfrizz Vivid Hair Brush | Detangling Hairbrush with Hard Zig Zag Bristles to Take Brushing to New Heights

    If you've never been excited about a brush before, get ready to bristle with anticipation. The BeautyFrizz Vivid Detangling Hair Brush is here. As soon as you see this detangler, with multicolored bristles blossoming from its base, it will become clear that this is no ordinary brush. And as soon as you use it, you may never want to use anything else again

    These days, its go big or go home. The Vivid is a specially designed professional grade brush with revolutionary zig zag bristles that actually lift hair from the scalp, for extra volume and added texture. The bristles work to lift hair gently as you style to separate and smooth locks and take your hair to new dimensions, for a salon quality blowout without the salon price. Plus, this stiff bristle hairbrush is easy on the scalp and flexible with each stroke, for no pulls or snags.

    The BeautyFrizz Vivid Detangling Brush is more than just a pretty face, it takes brushing to new heights. You'll love the way this brush looks, and you'll love the way your hair looks.

  10. BeautyFrizz Go-Big Paddle Hair Brush | Large Detangling Hairbrush to Untangle Hair Painlessly | Black

    You've always been told little girls should have big dreams, and there should be no exceptions when it comes to hair care. When it comes to the brush of your dreams, you dream of going big. You want a brush to cover the greatest amount of surface area and detangle it quickly and gently. Your dreams have just come true; introducing the Go-Big Paddle Hairbrush from BeautyFrizz.

    If you were to describe your perfect brushing experience, you would probably describe a quick, pain-free session that left your hair shiny, untangled, and frizz-free. Sound impossible? Not with the GoBig hair detangler brush. This salon-quality paddle brush has a flexible cushion base and a wide surface area for detangling all types of hair without pulling and snagging.

    Use it for everyday brushing of all lengths of hair, or for smooth styling with a blow dryer. The flat, wide head is especially great with long, coarse, thick hair and straight styles, and gives you a great look and easy brushing experience every time.

    We know you have big dreams, and we want to help all your dreams come true, starting with your hair care. Try the Beauty-Frizz Go-Big Paddle Hair Brush for the brushing experience you thought you could only dream about.

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