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BeautyFrizz Untangled Hair Brushes (Blue)


BeautyFrizz Untangled Hair Brushes (Purple)

BeautyFrizz Untangled Hair Brushes (Pink)

Quick Overview

Turn Mornings of "Ohs" Into Mornings of Ease with the BeautyFrizz Untangled.

The days always start out on a high note. You wake up sure today will be the day, the day your brushing experience will be free of pain. The day you will be able to effortlessly glide through your hair without hitting a snag, without that sharp tug of the brush as works its way over those inevitable knots and tangles, angrily pulling at your tender scalp, soliciting those sharp cries of, "Oh!" If this scenario sounds all too familiar to you, your day has arrived. Welcome to the Beautyfrizz Untangled Hair Brush.

The BeautyFrizz Untangler is the kinder, gentler hairbrush that turns your mornings of "ows" into mornings of ease. This detangling hairbrush is innovatively designed to easily and painlessly remove tangles as it works through dry or wet hair. Its unique tooth formation flexes and bends throughout the hair without snagging on tangles and minimizes cuticle damage and hair breakage while adding shine and texture.

Use this detangler on all types of hair, while the ergonomically design fits comfortably in your hand for greater styling control and handling. Plus, it's bright pink, so it looks just as fun and friendly as it is to use.

Don't just start the days on a high note; make sure they stay that way with the BeautyFrizz Detangle Hair Brush. Say goodbye to the "ohs" and bring on the ease.

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  • BRIGHT PINK COLOR – The bright pink color of the Beautyfrizz Untangle Brush makes it as clean, fun and friendly as it is to use.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED – This hair detangler brush is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit in your palm for easy hair styling.
  • PAIN-FREE BRUSHING – The gentle bristles of the Beautyfrizz Untangler are designed to glide through hair without pulling or snagging hair.
  • SUITS ALL HAIR TYPES – From thick and thin hair to dry, coarse and curly hair, weaves and extensions, this detangler hairbrush gets through the toughest knots and tangles.
  • GOOD FOR WET OR DRY HAIR – These large detangle hair brushes for women are strong enough to get out tangles from dry hair, and gentle enough to use on wet hair as well.
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