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Resveralife Acupressure Mat, Back and Neck Pain Relief Relieves Stress, Back, Neck, and Sciatic Pain

Quick Overview

There are certain days that only a good massage can save. Resveralife knows that we all have bad days, and we don't think you should have to suffer through them. If you're having a day that only a great massage can save, the Resveralife Acupressure mat can be just the thing you need to give your day the happy ending you deserve.

At Resveralife, we think that life's too short to let a day go to waste, so we've created the a mat that lets you can get the benefits of a salon quality massage everyday in your own home. The Resveralife Acupressure mat combines the Chinese and Indian techniques of acupressure and yoga to achieve relief from tension by stretching your body at precise points to open constricted passageways and let energy flow freely. It targets specific high pressure points in your neck, shoulder, hips, and back to provide instant relaxation, and help you to unwind and relax for relief from soreness and preparation for a restful night of sleep, while helping to clear your mind of distractions.

Resveralife wants to save you from all your bad days, and we're coming to the rescue with our Acupressure Mat. Let us put happy endings on all those never-ending days with the Acupressure Mat, and never let another stressful day keep you from a restful night.

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  • Pain Relief: Works on pressure points to provide relief from pain associated with fatigue and sciatica
  • Salon Quality Massage: The Resveralife Acupressure mat uses ancient Chinese and Indian massage techniques to bring you the benefits of a salon quality massage in your own home
  • Better Sleep: The Acupressure Mat helps to unwind from a stressful day to relieve symptoms of insomnia for a more restful sleep.
  • Targets high tension areas: The Resveralife mat works to target pain and relieve tensioning your neck, back, hips, and shoulders
  • Relieves Stress: Rhythmic massage provides harmony of the mind and body to help you relax and shut out distracting thoughts
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