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Resveralife White Gardenia Aromatherapy Scented Candles | Makes Every Room Your Private Paradise

Resveralife Bubbly Champagne Aromatherapy Scented Candle | Ignite the Night

Quick Overview

  • 30 HOUR BURN TIME – These long burning luxury candles provide you with fresh fragrance for thirty hours of enjoyment..

  • PURIFIES AND MASKS ODORS – This large richly scented candle purifies air and mask scents left by pets, cooking, or smoke.

  • FANTASTIC ADDITION TO HOME AND OFFICE DECOR – Cozy flame and a strong premium glass jar casing makes an exotic addition to any style décor.

  • THE PERFECT GIFT – A Resveralife Bubbly Champagne Decorative Candle box makes a perfect and tasteful gift set, suitable for friends and loved ones on any occasion.

  • STRESS RELIEF AND RELAXATION – This large fragrant candle offers a fruity scent with notes of lavender, hyacinth, violet, jasmine and orchid to elevate mood and relax your mind.

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Life's finer things; gourmet food, designer clothes, fine wine, quality jewelry, why not indulge a little? We all need to pop the cork on a good time every once in a while, why wait for an occasion?

At Resveralife, we don't think you should have to plan your celebrations; every day should be a reason to do something special. The Resveralife Bubbly Champagne Candle is made for those days and nights that call for a little extra indulgence.

Simply light the wick, let the fragrance work its magic, and let the festivities begin.

If you're planning a good time, this long-burning fragrant candle is bringing the champagne. This elegant glass candle calls forth the party atmosphere in any room or office.

It's fun bubbly scent is both fruity and aqueous with a musk and heliotrope base, and hints of violet, jasmine, orchid, lavender and hyacinth. It offers stress relief and elevates mood, making it the perfect way to unwind after a hard day, or create the ideal setting for any social occasion.

It even makes a thoughtful gift for any family member or a loved one.

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