Woman applying foot cream

Dryness is caused by many different factors, and, if not treated in the right way, will only become much worse with time. From the most potent ingredients to the most effective skin care techniques, these tips will show you exactly how to treat dry skin on your body.

Moisturize While Skin is Still Damp
There are likely to be a few changes that you can make to your shower routine that will have a huge impact on your dry skin. To begin with, your showers need to be lukewarm rather than hot, and no longer than ten minutes, as doing otherwise will strip your skin of its natural protective oils. Once you step out of the shower, you need to moisturize your body immediately using a thick and greasy moisturizer, while your skin is still damp. This means that all of the excess moisture will be trapped within your skin, rather than evaporating into the air and exacerbating your dryness. If you find that your skin is still slightly too wet to moisturize after stepping out of the shower, blot your body gently with a clean towel rather than rubbing it dry.

Cover Up
The sun is one of the leading causes of dry skin, and while this usually affects the face the most, it can have just as big an effect on the body. In the winter months, breathable layers are essential, as this will prevent your body from overheating and perspiring, which would aggravate your dryness. In the summer, loose clothing that covers your body is ideal, as this will prevent the sun's rays from directly hitting your skin. Of course, a sunscreen throughout the year on any exposed body parts is also absolutely vital.

Increase Water Intake
When you first look into how to treat dry skin on your body, chances are that you will be bombarded with different products that will supposedly cure all of your problems. However, one of the easiest ways to make a huge change is by increasing your water intake, as your skin receives the majority of its moisture from within. When your body is dehydrated, this decreases the amount of moisture that is supplied to your skin, quickly leading to dryness, meaning that consuming more water during the day can really make a big difference.

Knowing how to treat dry skin on your body can be tricky, and while these tips may seem simple, it will not be long before you begin to notice the difference that they make to your skin. From altering your showering habits to protecting your body from the sun, following these steps will go a long way in boosting the overall health of your skin.