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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Effects of Topically Applied Vitamins on My Skin? 

The most common reason for including vitamins in skin care products is for their benefits as antioxidants. Vitamins as well-known as vitamins C, A, and E all provide antioxidant benefits, which mean they can help protect cells from oxidization and deterioration that can lead to cancer. Different vitamins also have other, different properties that can be beneficial to skin health. Some vitamins are added to soften the skin, better moisturize the skin, or to provide other anti-aging or strengthening properties. Vitamins are not typically the culprits in skin irritation and are usually not included in large enough amounts to cause vitamin overdose, though there are exceptions. Those with sensitive skin may experience irritation in reaction to retinoic acid, a vitamin A derivative.


Should I Use Skin Care Products During Pregnancy?

Virtail knows of no pregnancy-related risks from use of products sold on our website. While we seek to sell products from manufacturers who prioritize safety, we recommend that women with doubts or concerns about their current or prospective skincare regimen speak with their obstetrician and/or dermatologist to verify that any particular product or ingredient is safe. This is the surest way to maintain a safe pregnancy and peace of mind.


Where Can I Obtain a Full List of Product Ingredients?

All products should have a full list of ingredients both on the product’s webpage and on its label for you to review upon receipt.


How Long Will My Products Last? 

The shelf life of skincare products varies widely depending on their quality, ingredients, and time of manufacture relative to time of opening and use. All products should be labeled with an expiration date. Virtail does NOT recommend using products after the indicated expiration date, which can cause more problems than it will solve.


How Should I Store Skin Care Products?

Methods of storage may vary between products, and depend largely on the ingredients contained therein. However, it is generally good practice to keep all skin care products in low-temperature environments away from sunlight. Follow instructions on the label for specific storage details; many products benefit from refrigeration, and some can even be frozen until ready for use. To keep products free of contamination, always wash your hands and the area of application prior to use. Dispose of products once the expiration date has passed. Do not reuse old containers for new skincare products.


What is the Return Policy for these Products?

Please refer to the return policy of the individual manufacturer of any particular product. 


Do I Need an Account to Place an Order?

Virtail.com allows you to place orders as a guest. You do not need to create an account to order from us. That said, some of the benefits of having a Virtail account include:

  • Faster checkouts
  • Option to store multiple shipping addresses
  • View and track your orders  

Creating a Virtail account is easy, and we think it dramatically improves your shopping experience. Click here to do so now.


How Do I Reset My Password?

Click the link that says Forgot Your Password? at the bottom of the login page, below the Email Address and Password fields.


How Can I Enhance My Security When I Shop Online?

Virtail seeks to provide a safe environment in which to browse and purchase goods. We also respect your privacy. However, every exchange of sensitive, personal information, online and offline, comes with a measure of risk. Here are some recommended practices for minimizing your risk of computer infection and identity theft:

  • Download tested, proven, and well-regarded anti-virus and anti-malware software, keep it updated, and perform regular scans of your computer to stop viruses and other bad actors before they have a chance to do any damage.
  • Don’t reuse your passwords. Have a unique password for each account, and change them frequently, particularly after a report of a security breach at any one website where you have an account.
  • Make sure your internet browser and all other software is the latest version. Updates often contain fixes for vulnerabilities that can lead to viruses or hacking.
  • Keeping track of your bank account activity and notifying your bank of anything suspicious is a critical last line of defense against fraud.


Will I Need to Sign for the Delivery of My Product?

You may need to be present to provide a signature upon delivery.


When Can I Expect to Receive My Order?

Regular shipping within the U.S. typically delivers your order within four business days to the West Coast and six business days to the East Coast. Next day shipping within the U.S. should deliver your order within one business day. Holidays, busy delivery periods, and other post office delays may cause a longer delivery time. Unfortunately, Virtail cannot deliver to a P.O. box or APO address.