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Beautyfrizz Lollipop Bath Bombs

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Beautyfrizz Lollipop Bath Bombs

A bomb for a bomb

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Go back in time, rewind! Bring back childhood memories of candies, squabbles, colours and froth, with just a swirl of the Lollipop fizzy bath bombs. Rinse away your cares and troubles, soak your skin in soap and bubbles and envelope your senses with the intoxicating essence of grapes.

USP: Packed with skin friendly minerals that repair and rejuvenate

Works Great: At drawing out toxins, softening and nourishing skin to improve tone and texture

Key Players: Citric Acid

Quantity: Each unit contains 140 g.

The Grape flavoured Lollipop fizzy bath bombs help you de-stress after a hectic week. Simply swirl these cool bath bombs in a tub of warm water and let your bath time be transformed into a glorious explosion of color, scents and bubbles. Let the fragrance of grape envelop your senses and leave you calm and comfortable.