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Beautyfrizz Matcha Konjac Sponge

beautyfrizz konjac exfoliating face sponge
beautyfrizz exfoliating sponge
beautyfrizz konjac exfoliating sponge
beautyfrizz konjac sponge
beautyfrizz face sponge

Beautyfrizz Matcha Konjac Sponge

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The Beautyfrizz Matcha Green Tea Konjac Sponge is the energy cocktail for your skin. It's the exfoliating face sponge loaded with the vitamins and minerals of the konjac plant, and fortified with a healthy dose of antioxidant rich matcha, to keep your skin healthy and protected against free radicals. Its natural fibers are softer than a loofah, yet more finely textured than a washcloth to safely and effectively dislodge oil, dirt, and blackheads from even the most sensitive skin, leaving behind a healthy glow, for rejuvenated, younger looking skin.