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Beautyfrizz Nail Kit

Beautyfrizz Citrus Manicure Kit
Beautyfrizz Citrus Manicure Set
Beautyfrizz Nail Care Kit
Beautyfrizz Manicure Set
Beautyfrizz Lavender Nail Buffer Kit
Beautyfrizz Citrus Nail Kit

Beautyfrizz Nail Kit

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Raise your confidence & perk up your mood with the manicure set from Beautyfrizz for healthy & beautiful nails and hands. The professional four piece anil care kit contains everything you need for perfect, strong, healthy nails that will never go out of style. With a high-quality abrasive filer, a three-sided buffer, a cuticle cream that helps softens cuticles and calming lavender induced refreshing hand and body cream, get your hands ready for a transformation.