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Beautyfrizz Resveratrol Wine Soap

beautyfrizz resveratrol wine soap
beautyfrizz shea butter bar soap
beautyfrizz wine soap

Beautyfrizz Resveratrol Wine Soap

Created with Meraki

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When soul, creativity and passion combine blended with love, some oils and wine your skin in sync, with the stars align for an incomparable shine. Treat your skin to a touch of the divine with the nectar of the gods in the goodness of soap, crafted with Meraki

USP: A potent blend of vitamins & minerals to improve overall tone and texture of skin

Works Great: At delivering an invigorating cleanse while leaving the skin refreshed and feeling like silk

Key Players: Resveratrol, Honey and Olive Oil

Quantity: Each unit contains 90 g / 3.17 oz.

Enriched with honey, essential oils and botanical extracts in addition to the anti aging wonder agent Resveratrol, the lush wine soap is a dream come true, especially for gentle skin. This Shea Butter Bar Soap not only keeps your skin looking young with its anti-aging properties but will also ensure that it retains moisture and remains hydrated and supple. All while gently cleansing with the sweetness of honey! If wine is not reason enough, try it on for more reasons to keep you hooked.