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OROGOLD 24K Caviar and Sea Kelp Mask

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orogold 24k caviar and sea kelp mask
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OROGOLD 24K Caviar and Sea Kelp Mask

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Quantity: Each unit contains 115 g / 4.06 oz.

OROGOLD 24K Caviar and Sea Kelp Mask delivers the combined benefits of a moisturizing, detoxifying and powerful anti-aging mask to your skin with one extraordinary treatment. Rich in nourishing essential oils, stimulating and energizing botanical extracts and the purifying effects of Kaolin Clay and Bentonite, this anti wrinkle mask helps to dissolve away impurities, leaving your skin with a radiant, refreshed luminosity. Additionally infused with Caviar Extract, Soluble Collagen and Vitamins A & E, this luxurious mask will help to plump, smooth and refine the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthfully renewed, age-defying look.