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OROGOLD 24K Facial Cleansing Brush Set

orogold 24k facial deep cleansing brush set
orogold cleansing brush set
orogold deep cleansing brush
orogold deep exfoliating brush
orogold exfoliating brush
orogold exfoliating deep cleansing brush
orogold facial exfoliating brush

OROGOLD 24K Facial Cleansing Brush Set

 Need Radiance? Brush up!

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Brush and Knead to youthful-looking skin. 2 brushes, 3 different routines and what you get is skin worth a million dollars. You’ve probably got 100 problems but now skin doesn’t have to be one of them.

USP: Enhances the effects of topical skincare ingredients

Works Great: At stimulating blood circulation while sloughing away dry skin

Key Players: Attachable soft bristle brush and Silicone brush

Quantity: Each unit contains 1 soft bristle cleansing brush head and 1 silicone brush head

Unveil a radiant and age defying glow with OROGOLD’S 24K Facial Cleansing Brush Set. With dual functionality, the exfoliating brush buffs away dry skin while the deep cleansing brush stimulates blood circulation to refresh your skin. With detachable soft bristle brush for exfoliation and a gentle silicone brush to encourage improved blood circulation, this device is just what you need to clear clogged pores, soothe tired skin and for a youthfully radiant complexion.