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Resveralife Acupuncture Mat

Resveralife Acupressure Mat
Resveralife Acupuncture Pad
Resveralife Acupuncture Mat
Resveralife Acupressure Pad
Resveralife Acupuncture Acupressure Pad

Resveralife Acupuncture Mat


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The Resveralife Acupressure mat combines the Chinese and Indian techniques of acupressure and yoga to achieve relief from tension by stretching your body at precise points to open constricted passageways and let energy flow freely. It targets specific high pressure points in your neck, shoulder, hips, and back to provide instant relaxation, and help you to unwind and relax for relief from soreness and preparation for a restful night of sleep, while helping to clear your mind of distractions.