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Resveralife Tea Infuser Bottle

Resveralife Tea Infuser Bottle
Resveralife Loose Tea Leaf Infuser
Resveralife Tea Leaf Infuser Bottle
Resveralife Loose Infuser Bottle

Resveralife Tea Infuser Bottle


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This tea infuser bottle has everything you need to make a perfect cup of tea or cold brew easily in your own home. Sure, you can pour a hot brew over ice, but you're only going to get a watered-down version of what you really want. This loose tea infuser bottle will present a concentrated, smooth extract that you can dilute with water or ice, and even add milk, cream, or flavorings. Made of double walled insulated glass, you'll find the material extremely durable, and the large size perfect for gripping in your hands. Whether it’s a healthy cup of tea or a strong cold brew, or even a fruit infusion that you need to start your day, you'll find all you need in the Resveralife Tea Infuser Bottle and Cold Brew Coffee Tumbler. You'll never find your favorite beverage farther away than your own refrigerator and you'll know what gifts to get your tea enthusiast friends for their birthdays!