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Tatcha Overnight Repair Serum

Tatcha Overnight Repair Serum
Tatcha Overnight Repair Serum
Tatcha Overnight Repair Serum

Tatcha Overnight Repair Serum

A Good Night's Sleep For Your Skin

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Just like you need your beauty sleep to look your best the next morning, skin also requires its beauty sleep. Give it the goodness of Japanese indigo for a rest that is sure to let it wake up energized and radiant.

USP: Fragrance-free formualtion that soothes and streghtens skin

Works Great: At revitalizing tired skin overnight

Key Players: Japanese Indigo, Red Sage Root, Mondo Grass Root

Quantity: 1.7 oz

The Indigo Overnight Repair Serum from Tatcha has a cushiony texture that gently comforts your skin as you sleep, leaving it soothed, soft and rested. It also balances out the microbiome. The result when you wake up? Skin that is as refreshed and enerergized as you are!

Some of the hand-picked ingredients include red sage root and Japanese indigo that visibly soothe down the skin, making it look relaxed, softer, and healing any redness and dry patches.

Ceramides work overnight to replenish lipids in your skin, locking in moisture and locking out any impurities and pollutants. This serves to diminish any fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid, the thirst quencher, deeply moisturizes inside-out.

Finally, mondo grass root works to cultivate bacteria- the good kind! These help your skin to perform its natural mecahnics better, improving moisturization and naturally reducing skin irritations and dryness.

The formulation is non-irritating, non-sensitizing, cruelty-free and perfect for skin that is sensitive.


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