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Tatcha Rice Wash

Tatcha Rice Wash
Tatcha Rice Wash
Tatcha Rice Wash

Tatcha Rice Wash

The Ancient Wisdom Of Japanese Skincare

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Kiyome is the Japanese word for purification: A soothing ritual incorporated in several areas of everyday life. Such as cleansing one's hands and mouth before entering a palce of worship, or washing your face at the end of the day. The Japanese believe that the ritual of cleansing shows respect to yourself.

USP: Features a PH- neutral amino acid base thats good for all skin types

Works Great: At effectively cleaning away daily buildup of impurities

Key Players: Amino Acids, Japanese Rice Powder, Okinawa Algae Brand

Quantity: 1.7 oz

The Rice Wash by Tatcha is a soft, creamy cleanser that works to dissolve any buildups and impurities on the skin. This gentle, yet effective cleanse ensures that your skin retains its natural softness and moisture. This means that your skin remains luminous and radiant after every cleanse.

The cleanser features pH-neutral amino acids as its base, that is a key ingredient is keeping the skin soft while washing away the impurities. Unlike most other cleansers, this one gives you a foam that is creamy and soft, maintianing the skin's natural moisture.

Another key ingredient is Japanese rice powder, that has been used for centuries in Japanese skincare. Its a natural ingredient that gives a shine and softens the skin.

Hyaluronic acid and okinawa algae blend are the water providers: capturing and protecting the skin's natural moisture, so that your skin feels nourished and deeply moisturized after each use.

The cleanser also helps in replenishing ceramides that work as a natural barrier to moisture loss. This means that your skin stays moisturized for longer periods.


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