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Vine Vera Resveratrol Men's Tool Box

Vine Vera Men's Tool Box
Vine Vera After Shave Balm
Vine Vera Pre-shaving gel
Vine Vera Stainless Steel Razor for Shaving
Vine Vera Shaving Kit Gift For Him

Vine Vera Resveratrol Men's Tool Box

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Quantity: Each unit contains a stainless steel razor, pre-shaving gel, and after-shave balm

The meticulously curated Resveratol Men’s Tool Box from Vine Vera is all about bringing the extravagance to you.  It’s well suited for home and travel both, ensuring you the shaving experience of a lifetime. The sophisticatedly designed razor slides smoothly across your skin for a perfect shave. This toolbox also comes with the Resveratol Pre-Shaving gel which is infused with anti-oxidants and the post-shave Resveratol Men’s Balm which softens and smoothens your skin.


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