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Herstyler Detangling Hair Brush for Women and Kids, Purple

Quick Overview

“Honey it’s time to brush your hair” doesn’t necessarily have to mean chasing your child all over the house, huffing and puffing down those stairs as the little one runs screaming “mommy’s going to hurt my hair”. Young children tend to have thin and fine hair, and this tangles easily. Brushing through your child’s hair can be troublesome, painful and time consuming, but that isn't how it’s supposed to be! Bring a smile on the face of your kids or enjoy a pleasurable hair day of your own.

Featuring smart and stylish bristles, an easy-to-hold surface and a beautiful exterior, your ever-dependable Herstyler hairbrush is now available in a brand new avatar. This detangler brush effortlessly glides through hair to untangle the most difficult and troublesome knots and tangles. It is suited for both wet and dry hair, and can even be used on extensions and wigs! Add this stylish detangler to your daily hair care routine and discover the ultimate answer to reducing frizz and split ends that are often caused due to knotty hair.

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