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Vivo Per Lei Charcoal Sheet Mask

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Quick Overview

Free Of Toxins

Is your skin looking dull and pasty lately? Have you lost that golden glow? If you're not feeling your l self because your skin isn't looking as good as it should, its time to put your skin on the rocks.

At Vivo Per Lei, we're rocking your skin routine with our charcoal sheet mask. Our activated charcoal formula will put the glow back in your skin and the bounce back in your step.


At Vivo Per Lei, we know that charcoal rocks. Activated charcoal works like a magnet to draw impurities from the skin, leaving pores open for circulation. Free of toxins and oil, pore reduce in size and skin is cleansed of chemicals and oxidative agents that cause skin damage and aging. The appearance of blemishes and scars is diminished, while gritty particles work to exfoliate gently, sloughing off dead cells, and rejuvenating skin for a younger, brighter appearance.

So if your skin's not looking as good as you know it can, put it on the rocks, with Vivo Per Lei Charcoal Sheet mask, and get your glow back.

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