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Herstyler 3p | 3 in 1 Rose Gold Curling Iron Set with Titanium Plates | Roll Out the Carpet for Rose Gold

Quick Overview

Introducing Herstyler 3p | 3 in 1 Rose Gold Curling Iron Set

3 in 1 interchangeable curling iron set

9/18mm, 18/25mm, 25/25mm

No Cool Tip, No Problem

Why don’t the curling wands and barrels in Herstyler 3-in-1 set offer cool tip protection? It’s because all of the wands in the set are designed to be professional quality and grade. Most hair stylists use products that don’t have cool tips, so they are able to get maximum heat coverage that styles every single strand of hair.

Protect Hair

What Makes Herstyler 3-in-1 Curling Iron Set different? Our full-barreled heating power and ceramic and tourmaline coating work together to create a curl that lasts. Even hair that refuses to hold a curl won’t be able to resist our barrels. With a professional-length barrel, curls are heated evenly and symmetrically across the entire hair shaft. And you don’t have to worry about losing your look either-curls are perfectly preserved when you slide them off the barrel for long-lasting style all day.

The possibilities for styles are endless and you can even mix and match wands for multiple-sized curls in one look; just use any of the 3 barrels to change up your look with a mixture of big, bouncy curls and smaller, face-framing curls.

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