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BeautyFrizz Large Bath Bombs Set of 6 - Lavender, Rose, Ginger, Hibiscus, Matcha, Coconut Breeze

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SKIN ESSENTIALS – COCONUT moisturizes skin, LAVENDER Bath Bomb relieves stress, HIBISCUS Bath Bomb reduces inflation, ROSE improves skin tone, MATCHA Bath Bomb combats wrinkles & GINGER reduces nausea

THERAPEUTIC – Each fizzy bomb comes with a unique fragrance to lift your spirits. The fragrance & fizz of these spa bombs create an atmosphere that melts stress, enhances mood and relaxes mind & body.

LUXURIOUS BATHING EXPERIENCE – The effervescent fizz & heady fragrance of these soothing bath bombs create a luxe bathing experience, indulging your senses & wrapping you in a cocoon of luxury.

DETOXIFIES & PROTECTS – These natural bathbombs are a powerhouse loaded with antioxidants, anti-aging benefits and anti-inflammatory properties which relieve your skin of impurities and toxins.

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