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Machine Washable Makeup Removing Cloth, Removes Make Up (Set of 2)


Nubi Foaming Cleanser

BeautyFrizz Konjac Sponge with Matcha Powder | 100% Natural and Biodegradable Dose of Defense for Your Skin | Set of 3

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The energy cocktail, everyone seems to have one. That perfect blend of caffeine, vitamins, antioxidants, sugar, or all of the above that propels us through the tough parts day. Whether it’s the early morning commute, the mid-morning slump, or the after-work recharge, most of us find ourselves in need of a little boost at some point in our day to help us stand up to the daily grind. Shouldn't your skin get the same treatment?.

Stress, environmental factors, and lack of sleep can not only affect your mood, they can wreak havoc on your skin. You need to make sure that both you and your skin get your daily dose of defense.

Healthy Glow

The Beautyfrizz Konjac Sponge is the energy cocktail for your skin. It's the exfoliating sponge loaded with the vitamins and minerals of the konjac plant, and fortified with a healthy dose of antioxidant rich matcha, to keep your skin healthy and protected against free radicals.

Its natural fibers are softer than a loofah, yet more finely textured than a washcloth to safely and effectively dislodge oil, dirt, and blackheads from even the most sensitive skin, leaving behind a healthy glow, for rejuvenated, younger looking skin.

BeautyFrizz wouldn't expect you to get through your day without your shot of energy, and we don't expect your skin to either. The Konjac Sponge is our way of making sure your skin stays as invigorated and fortified as you do, for a fresh faced perspective on the day.

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  • PREVENTS BACTERIA BUILDUP – This green konjac sponge dries quickly to prevent mold and bacteria from building up between uses.
  • LESS FACE CLEANSER – Because of its rubbery, bouncy texture, this natural konjac sponge produces a rich lather using less cleanser than a washcloth.
  • ADDRESSES CLOGGED PORES AND ACNE – The fine texture of this konjac sponge pack helps unclog pores more effectively than your hands and your washcloth.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR FACE – The 3 set BeautyFrizz Konjac Sponge is softer than a loofah, with a finer texture than a washcloth, making it soft enough for facial cleansing.
  • MATCHA INFUSED – The konjac sponges are infused with matcha, a potent antioxidant to protect against the anti-aging effects of free radicals and boost the appearance of your skin.
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