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Exfoliators & Deep Peels

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  1. Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling Gel, Exfoliates Skin and Blackheads Without Hurting Your Face, 1.7 Fl. Oz.

    Refresh and renew dull, fatigued skin with Vivo Per Lei Dead Sea Facial Peeling. This invigorating facial peel sweeps away rough, dry skin, dissolving away remnants of makeup, excess oil and other impurities. Your skin will look luminous and energized with a softer, more supple touch and feel.
  2. BeautyFrizz Facial Deep Pore Cleanser, Spa Quality Electric Face Pore Cleaner and Acne Remover

    Whitehead and blackhead removal can be extremely gratifying. Nothing quite compares to the exquisite feeling of release when you free that clogged pore from that greasy mixture of dead calls and sebum, leaving it receptive and open to the next infusion of minerals. While the idea of getting rid of these little dots may be hard to resist, the damage that can be done by trying to remove blackheads or whiteheads on your own can be worse than the original problem. You need some professional help, but when you're afflicted by clogged pores, the thought of waiting for an appointment can seem unbearable. You need something on hand that's can handle the problem quickly and safely. You need the BeautyFrizz Pore Vacuum Cleanser.

    This spa-quality daily pore cleaner is a professional, safe, at-home way of extracting dirt and debris, and blackhead causing impurities from your skin. It suits all types of skin, right from dry and oily skin all the way to sensitive skin. First, the Microcrystalline Head exfoliates skin and removes dead skin cells, loosening the buildup from your pores to prepare for easy extraction, while promoting your skin's own natural regeneration. Next, this skin pore cleaner and blackhead remover employs use of dynamic air pressure principles to gently suction out blackheads, leaving skin free and pores feeling more refreshed. You'll find that with repeated use, not only will your blackheads be a thing of the past, but your skin circulation and texture will actually improve as a result.

    So next time, you have the urge to take matters into your own hands, go right ahead. Just make sure you have the Beauty Frizz Pore Vacuum. It will make things like acne issues, whiteheads and blackheads a thing of the past.

  3. Beautyfrizz UltraLight Deep Facial Cleansing Brush, Advanced Waterproof Cleansing System to Start Your Day the Right Way

    You believe every day is worth celebrating, and every activity should be a pleasure. To you, even the most mundane things should be looked on with a sense of new adventure; and that includes cleansing your face. Facial cleansing is one of the first things you do in the morning, and it sets the tone for the rest of your day. The BeautyFrizz UltraLight Deep Cleansing Brush not only makes the cleansing process a pleasure, it gives you results that make the rest of the day a pleasure as well.

    The cleansing process is one of the most refreshing and rejuvenating parts of the skin routine, and one that gets too often taken for granted. This exfoliating face brush is a revolutionary facial cleansing device, that lets you enjoy the cleaning process while getting maximum benefits. This waterproof facial cleansing brush is also bacteria resistant and ten times more powerful than standard brush heads. It's suitable for all types of skin, from dry and oily to sensitive, with stimulating, massaging touch points formulated for extracting impurities and removing dead skin cells to reveal even toned, vibrant skin, while targeting deep pores and wrinkles and providing better absorption of skin products.

    Your days should never be humdrum, and neither should your cleaning process. Make the first part of your day a great part of your day and the rest of the day something to look forward to with this deep pore cleansing brush.

  4. BeautyFrizz LED Light Facial Treatment Machine | Anti-Aging Skin Care Device for Face | It's You, Only Better

    You've always been a natural beauty. When it comes to your looks, you want to preserve the ones you were born with. Of course, you want to fight the signs of age, but you want to keep it real. That's why you want the BeautyFrizz BeautyBoost LED Facial Therapy. This led light facial treatment reverses signs of aging using only simple, minimal processes, processes that simulate skin's own innate functions, leaving skin the way nature intended. There's nothing artificial or unnatural, just you as you were meant to be.

    BeautyFrizz knows that the best skincare results come from enhancing its own inborn defenses. Over time, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and collagen levels decrease. This anti-aging device for women uses ionic, LED and massage therapy to stimulate collagen production and skin healing by increasing the skin's blood circulation. There are no chemicals or injections, just a simple restoration to your skin's own natural radiance.

    The red light boosts circulation to prevent wrinkles and tone skin, the blue rays destroy acne causing bacteria while the green light calms and tightens skin. The result is a literal rebirth of the skin, that you can get in the comfort and convenience of your own home or on the go.

    If you're a natural girl, we invite you to try this ultrasonic facial treatment from BeautyFrizz. It's you, only better.

  5. Beautyfrizz LED Body Sculpting Device

    The Beautyfrizz LED Body Sculpting Device is a revolutionary multi-functional tool that offers advanced skin care treatments to transform the tone, texture and appearance of your skin.

    Equipped with four unique functions, this skin care tool target the body’s most common skin care concerns to leave you with younger, smoother and flawless looking skin.

  6. Vivo Per Lei Matcha Body Scrub | Contains Sea Salt and Green Tea | Exfoliating Your Way to a Glowing Body

    • EXFOLIATES. This sea salt scrub relaxes your skin and leaves it glowing with flawless beauty.
    • MATCHA POWDER. The most concentrated form of matcha is used in the exfoliating body scrub to deliver a bountiful of antioxidants directly to the skin.
    • DETOXIFIES. The matcha tea scrub contains a powerful detoxifying agent to cleanse the skin of impurities, and remove dirt and debris.
    • CONTAINS ANTIOXIDANTS. Enriched with the highest level of antioxidants of all the green tea sources, the matcha scrub helps in preventing skin cell damage.
    • FIGHTS INFLAMMATION. ECEG antioxidants in the green tea body scrub fight inflammation and acne to give skin a tighter, more balanced appearance.
  7. Vivo Per Lei Citrus Glow Exfoliating Body Scrub | Detox and Deep Cleansing with Vitamin C and Orange Peel Oil | Beautiful Radiant You in Just a Few Minutes

    • SKIN BRIGHTENING EXFOLIANT: Citrus and Orange Peel Oil, rich natural sources of Vitamin C, destroy free radicals and rejuvenate skin while providing it with a radiant glow.
    • HEALTHY NOURISHED SKIN: Grapefruit present in this anti aging body scrub is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. This pore reducer fights anti-aging, evens skin tone and helps fight free radicals.
    • DEEP CLEANSING & EXFOLIATING: Sea Salt deep cleanses pores, balances oil production and protects against breakouts and acne. Daily use of this citrus scrub exfoliates away dead skin cells to reveal younger-looking skin.
    • POWERHOUSE OF SKIN CARE: Combines the benefits of sea salt scrubs with citrus peel and grapefruit extracts create a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants to refine, rejuvenate and nourish your hands and feet.
    • BEAUTY IN A JIFFY: Achieve supple smooth radiant skin within minutes with the gentle CITRUS GLOW FULL BODY EXFOLIATOR. Pamper your dry, oily or sensitive skin and your senses with the delightful combination of bath ingredients.
  8. Vivo Per Lei Green Tea Facial Peeling Gel - Exfoliating Face Scrub for Dead Skin & Blackheads - Anti Aging Facial Scrub

    -Sloughs off toxins and dead skin -Keeps skin fresh for the longest -Fights and reverses signs of aging -Moisturizes skin -Exfoliates without irritating the sensitive skin -Deeply cleanses and purifies skin -Reveals uber-soft radiant skin -Gives you an even-toned face -Matcha is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory -Glycerin moisturizes your skin -Kaolin Clay reduces blackheads and acne -Vitamin E in sunflower seed oil erases scar marks, fine lines and wrinkles
  9. Nubi Facial Peeling Gel Exfoliates Face with Sea Salt and Nut Shell Powder

    GENTLE CLEANSING: This facial peel gel sloughs away all the impurities and dirt, offering a deep cleanse to your face.

    DEEP EXFOLIATION: Less abrasive than a scrub, this exfoliating gel clears off clogged pores, leaving your looking skin supple and radiant.

    REMOVES DEAD SKIN CELLS: This gel exfoliator peels off dead skin cells, encouraging renewal of your epidermis without irritating skin.

    NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: The hybrid mix of water and gel smoothens skin whereas nut shell powder and sea salt work as brilliant exfoliants, giving you a flawless, younger looking skin.

    FOR BOTH DRY AND OILY SKIN: The powerful combination of multi-active exfoliating botanicals makes it ideal for all skin types as it works efficiently for removing both dry skin and excess oil alike.

  10. Nubi Deep Exfoliating Body Scrub | Sea Salt Scrub with Shea Butter for Deep Cleansing Skin

    • EXFOLIATES AND HYDRATES This skin exfoliator gently and naturally exfoliates and removes dead skin. It also contains minerals which help to restore moisture and soften your skin.
    • NATURAL ALLY The Nubi Sea Scrub is your very own partner in skin care. It helps to balance minerals and nutrients in the skin thereby protecting and restoring your skin.
    • DEEP CLEANSING This body exfoliating scrub helps to cleanse pores deeply. It absorbs impurities, grime and toxins from the deep recesses and stops bacteria that cause acne.
    • PROTECTION The mineral content in this gentle body scrub helps in restoring the protective barrier of your skin and helps skin hold in moisture thus making it appear supple.
    • NOURISHMENT This hand and foot scrub is loaded with essential minerals and nutrients which nourish and replenish your skin and infuse it with verve.
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