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Beautyfrizz UltraLight Deep Facial Cleansing Brush, Advanced Waterproof Cleansing System to Start Your Day the Right Way


Beautyfrizz LED Body Sculpting Device

BeautyFrizz LED Light Facial Treatment Machine | Anti-Aging Skin Care Device for Face | It's You, Only Better

Quick Overview

You've always been a natural beauty. When it comes to your looks, you want to preserve the ones you were born with. Of course, you want to fight the signs of age, but you want to keep it real. That's why you want the BeautyFrizz BeautyBoost LED Facial Therapy. This led light facial treatment reverses signs of aging using only simple, minimal processes, processes that simulate skin's own innate functions, leaving skin the way nature intended. There's nothing artificial or unnatural, just you as you were meant to be.

BeautyFrizz knows that the best skincare results come from enhancing its own inborn defenses. Over time, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and collagen levels decrease. This anti-aging device for women uses ionic, LED and massage therapy to stimulate collagen production and skin healing by increasing the skin's blood circulation. There are no chemicals or injections, just a simple restoration to your skin's own natural radiance.

The red light boosts circulation to prevent wrinkles and tone skin, the blue rays destroy acne causing bacteria while the green light calms and tightens skin. The result is a literal rebirth of the skin, that you can get in the comfort and convenience of your own home or on the go.

If you're a natural girl, we invite you to try this ultrasonic facial treatment from BeautyFrizz. It's you, only better.

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  • RELAXING MASSAGE – Reduce puffiness and improve skin texture with vibration massage features.
  • ULTRASONIC – Ultrasonic Therapy helps to stimulate skin to increase cell turnover and improve absorption of skin care products.
  • POSITIVE ION TECHNOLOGY – Positive ion technology featured in this anti-aging device helps to detoxify skin and open congested pores.
  • FOUR SKIN TREATMENTS – This led facial massager has four treatments to target a range of anti-aging issues for all skin types, from dry and oily to sensitive skin.
  • NEGATIVE ION TECHNOLOGY – The BeautyFrizz BeautyBoost LED Facial Device also uses negative ion technology to enhance absorption of creams and serums and reduce skin dryness.
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Move from chin to earlobe along the jawline. Move from the corner of your mouth, under your cheekbone, to the top of your ear. Move from your nostril to the outer orbital area. Move from the center of your brow, along the brow bone to your outer temple. Move upward from brow bone toward your hairline.

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