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10 Glamorous Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair is a blessing in disguise. Not many understand that. Although difficult to manage, you can look more gorgeous than you ever thought in your foxy hair.

Ever get fed up because they are difficult to style? Want to flat iron them instead Or sticking to a few basic hairstyles seems like the best option to you? Not anymore.

Now is the time to embrace your ringlets and let them free- dare to dress your tresses with grace!

Whether you have tight kinky curls or long boho chic waves - there are myriad ways to make your incredibly stunning spirals stand out by styling them yourself.

From short to long locks, frizz to fine, updos to down dos, there's a hairstyle for every curly head. Be it a wedding or a party, we have you totally covered.

Here is our curated list of 10 trendy hairstyles to make you look like a goddess with your voluminous mane at any occasion!

side-swept-curls | Virtail

Side Swept Curls For A Red-Carpet Look

If you like things simple, you can go for an au naturel coif. Sultry side sweeps will definitely add oodles of oomph to your red-carpet look. Easiest to sport, this hairdo is one of our favorite picks for a glamorous look that will have you turning heads at any event.

To Get the Look: Start with applying Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum to set your mane up for styling. Next, pull all hair on one side of your head, going quite low and angling back towards your center crown. Twist and pull back the side with less hair and you're set to walk your very own red-carpet look.

half-dutch-braid | Virtail

Pull Your Locks Back Effortlessly With A Half-up Dutch Braid 

If you want an easy hairdo for an elegant look, this loose and relaxed half-up braid could be a perfect choice for you. This braided crown is what you need to look like a charming princess. Flaunt your hair with flair!

To Get the Look: This is a reverse French braid. You cross the strands over instead of under. Start with parting your hair and then divide the side with more hair into 3 sections. Take the left section and cross it under the middle and now, take the right section and cross it under the middle one again. Combine the hair on the left side and cross all of it together under the middle one. Continue working your way through your crown and secure it with pins. You can also embellish this with a bunch of flowers for a whimsical look.

Messy side braid for curly hair| Virtail

Stay In Trend With Messy Side Braids

Time to channel your inner Disney Princess with this uber-romantic look!  

Be it a Dutch, French or a simple braid, braids are here to stay. A messy side braid is versatile-you can either dial it up a notch for your prom night with flowers or a keep it simple for day party.

To Get the Look: Again, this Dutch Side Braid is nothing but a French braid plaited inside-out. Choose your partition and loosely start braiding your hair over your shoulder. If you would prefer to go for a simpler look, opt for the regular braiding method. Try loosening up the braid to make it appear softer and elegant.

Hair fountain with a twisted bun for curly hair| Virtail

Hair Fountain On A Twisted Bun

This wildly romantic twisted bun will add an angelic edge to your look. Sure to take over the salon with its quirky look, this hairstyle is a dream come true for every curly haired-girl!

To Get the Look: Start with sectioning your hair into 3-4 parts. Twist each section and secure them with a pin. Pull the rest of your hair back and tie a ponytail. Now roll up the ponytail and fasten with a scrunchie to form a hair fountain.

trendy messy bun for curly hair| Virtail

Go Old-School With The Perfect Messy Bun

From a ballroom party look to a prom or a date night, a messy bun will give you the most elegant look in just a few minutes. A no-fuss messy bun has stood the test of time. From a classic black and white wedding photo of your grandmother to the runway glamor, this look has been a go-to for many women.  

To Get the Look: Pull all your hair back and fasten it with a scrunchie into a low or a high loose ponytail. Divide the ponytail into 2 sections and start back-combing it with a paddle brush. Wrap one of the sections clock-wise over the scrunchie to form a bun and the other section over the wrapped up hair, again clockwise. Loosen up the bun for a messy look.

Half French braid for curly hair| Virtail

Flaunt Your Tresses With A Half French Braid

If you like all your things uncomplicated and casual, a half French braid is the way to go.

To Get the Look: Take a section of your hair from your temples to your crown in a V-shape. Now divide that part into 3 sections and begin braiding them. Ensure to add more hair to the section each time you cross the hair over. Work your way towards your crown and secure it with pins. You can either leave it there and have a free-falling hairdo or tie it into a ponytail.

how to make a dutch braid| Virtail

Delightful Dutch Braid

Take your braiding game up a notch with this curly hairdo. Don’t be afraid to try it out- it only appears to be complex. You’re sure to steal the show with this Dutch braid.

To Get the Look: Choose your partition and take a thick section of your hair to be braided. Start braiding on the side with more hair. We’re certain that you’ve learned to make a Dutch braid by now. If not, then REFER to Point 2. Work your way through the end of the section and secure it with a pin. Take another section, twist it and secure this too below the braided section with a pin. Now, take your hair in the back half up and make a bun. Tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail and secure it with a band.

DIY waterfall braid| Virtail

Cascading Half-Up Princess Braid

Tease a crown on your head and let your ringlets spill over your shoulder.

To Get the Look: Make a center part and French braid on your right side. While braiding, drop out the outermost section of your hair that you’d otherwise cross over. Let it fall to create a waterfall effect.

How to make a princess braid | Virtail

Waterfall Braid For Shorter Waves

Short care, don’t care? Here’s something for you as well…and it's one of our favorites!

To Get the Look: This is similar to the point 8. French braid your hair into a waterfall, just make it in a V-formation instead of a crown. Work your way to the back side and secure it with a pin.

How to do a halo braid | Virtail

Halo Braid For A No-Fuss Vibe

An updo may not necessarily be a bun all the time. It can also be a braided halo which is easier to maintain too. This is the perfect way to tame your mane aand look your best self at any party you go to.

To Get the Look: Create a partition on your hair moving down the center. Start Dutch braiding at the nape of your neck on your left side. Alternatively, you can also start braiding from the center of your temple. Continue doing so the entire way around your head until you've formed a halo over your head. Tuck and secure the ends with pins and you’re all set for an angelic look of your own.