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Who We Are

At Virtail, our mantra is Beauty Made Accessible For All. We believe that beauty is for everyone irrespective of gender, age, class or lifestyle. Which is why we have brought together some of the best brands in the business from the exclusive to the affordable, from the elusive to the obtainable, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

We know trends keep changing by the day and with the introduction of more and more ingredients that defy convention everything that you probably held sacred to your beauty regime is now entrenched in the Beauty Hall Of Fame with novel contenders vying to take their place.

And so we’ve brought together under one umbrella, a wide spectrum of products that cover the gamut from the conventional to the bizarre coz style, above all, is a reflection of who you are; your attitude & your personality. Our team at Virtail have had some amazing fun times, sourcing you some incredible products, from the mines to the galaxies (yes, you heard that right, we knew you’d do a double-take) and placing them at your fingertips.

So your own special kind of beauty is just a click away. Scroll on to know more about the places we traversed during our fascinating journey to get you the best of the best. And so the adventure began -

From the Mines: Diamonds, Platinum, Gold, and an array of gemstones. Coz Beauty goes hand in hand with shimmer and shine.

From the Galaxies: Meteorites and Stardust from the outer world and nectar from the Gods. Coz Beauty transcends.

From Mother Nature’s Bosom: Resveratrol from Grapes and Venom from the Bees, Black Gold from the Earth and nectar from the flowers, oils from seeds & minerals from ores. Coz Beauty is Truth & Harmony.

From Across Borders and Terrains: Salts and Silt from the Dead Sea, Mud from the Canadian Glaciers, Argan Oil from Morocco and Marula from South Africa. Coz Beauty knows no boundaries.

From the Flora & Fauna: Aloe Vera & Eucalyptus, Sunflowers & Rose, Peonies and Arnica and some Cactus to boot. Fruits galore, a veritable feast! And just so you don’t forget, there’s also Snake Venom, Caviar and Goat’s Milk. Coz Beauty surrounds and sustains.

Coz At Virtail We Believe In Going That Extra Mile.