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8 Things You Won't Believe People Do For Glowing Skin


We’ve all gone a little overboard when it comes to skincare at some point or the other, haven’t we? Gone are the days of simple backyard or kitchen ingredients like rose, honey etc.

Quirky facials and skincare ingredients are what’s trending right now. People are turning to the offbeat and the bizzare. Not just because they sound cool and are in vogue but also because they are touted as  being extremely effective!

From celebs to regular folks like you and me swear by some of these and rave about the incredible effect they have on their skin.

Stepping out of your comfort bubble can be extremely beneficial. Even more so if it’s related to skin-care!

Most of these ingredients can seem outright gross, but anything for a great skin, correct?



In its actuality, snail slime is actually secreted by snails in order to revive and safeguard themselves. Circa to today, this slime is proving to be extremely potent going by the huge number of products it stars in!

It boasts of a multitude of advantages though it does sound ‘slimy’.

Snail mucus works wonders at hydrating the skin and takes on aging with a vengeance .

Another benefit is the power to banish acne. It contains anti-bacterial properties which are ideal for killing bacteria associated with the development of acne.

It is pretty evident why so many products today are brimming with snail slime. So get that sheet mask and rejuvenate your skin!


Yes, this one freaked us as much as it did you. How does one even incorporate an ingredient like this in skincare?

A lot of women consume placenta in order to deal with post-natal depression, we’re pretty sure that’s a lot ickier than just utilizing it as a skincare ingredient.

Inclusion of placenta in modern skincare has been touted to rejuvenate the skin and combat anti-aging.

Firm blemish-free and hydrated skin - placenta vows to give you all of that and more.

Are you ready for some placenta?



This must be a load of crap, pun intended! The bird poop facial, or the Japanese Nightingale Geisha Facial as it is known in more refined connotations, is a hot favorite among celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham.

It touts a squeaky clean face with a radiant glow - can be used as a face mask and exfoliator too.

Regular users claim this “bird poop mask” gives such a glow to their skin, it appears they have a golden highlighter on!

Dare to include this in your beauty regime?

bee-venom |Virtail


This dynamic ingredient might not seem as bizarre as the previous one, but it’s something you definitely wouldn’t have considered using as part of your skin care regime...

Botox’s lesser know natural counterpart - Bee Venom!

How exactly did something like bee venom suddenly become a favored choice for battling aging? Let us tell you why.

The venom of a bee is brimming with peptides and amino acids – both of which are core ingredients in many a skincare product! How it works it that topical application of bee venom fools your skin into believing it’s been stung by a bee. This action boosts collagen production and blood circulation which in turn, keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay!

sheep skincare


Ever wondered how that lotion you apply religiously keeps your skin silky smooth? The answer is sheep grease!

In more refined terms, lanolin is what it is usually referred to. Extracted from the sebum (oil) excretions of sheep, lanolin is what conditions their wool.

Lanolin is commonly used in body creams and lotions due to its ability to trap moisture and provide nourishment to the skin.

Lanolin does have a few other substitutes as well that are also used in skincare ingredients.


Ever seen the term “squalene”on any of your serums or creams? If you answered yes, then this particular ingredient is collected from shark’s liver. Yes, you heard that right.

Squalene fights aging and helps retain moisture in the skin.

The skincare industry seems to be booming at the cost of thousands of sharks.

However, growing consciousness around the rapidly declining shark population and the resounding hue and cry from environmentalist led to the discovery of a more environment friendly compound with the same benefits aptly named “squalane”.


Urea, essentially a component of urine is also touted as extremely beneficial for the skin.

Can’t stomach the idea of having urine on our face? Read on to know what it can do for your skin.

The solution to dry and flaky skin, Urea ensures your skin is moisturized and healthy. If utilized in small amounts, Urea also aids with exfoliation.



Alright, the word yeast is always synonymous with bread molds for us. How can something seemingly so icky work like magic on your skin?

Yeast is believed to brighten the skin and stimulate collagen production making skin tighter, and acting like an anti-oxidant. So think again if you had doubts about yeast.

Millions of women, throughout the ages and even in the present-day and age have looked to the bizarre or the unthinkable in their quest for radiant youthful skin with mixed results.

From tips handed down as family secrets to lores and even historical records, skin care has always been dynamic and evolving and going by what we have seen and read so far, we can confidently say ‘nothing we hear is going to surprise us anymore’. But you never know.

What is the one bizarre or even unthinkable product or process in skincare that you’ve used or heard or know someone else using in the name of skincare and beauty? Let us know in the comments below! We’d sure like to be surprised!