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7 Best Face Mask Ingredients For Dry Skin

Whether your dry skin is triggered by the environment, due to genetics or the outcome of terrible skincare products, it may seem as if it’s not a big deal but that’s far from the truth. Yes, your skin needs hydrating and moisturizing ingredients to restore itself but at the same time, you don’t want something that feels too greasy on the skin.

Organic ingredients can be great for dry skin, but when combined with synthetic ingredients, the result is even better. The blend of these two types of ingredients forms sumptuous textures and silken applications that enhance the effect of the product.

The trick is to know which ones to look out for!

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Now when it comes to your skincare routine, hydrating face masks are a must-have, especially during dry summers, or whenever your skin needs a lift-me-up or an extra shot of soothing moisture and sparkle.

But even dry skin can have various concerns and that is why face masks are formulated keeping several types of issues and outcomes in mind.

Face masks are one of those guilty pleasures that we can’t help indulging in- the texture and the slight tingling along with the ‘aaaaah I’m finally home’ feeling…all those myriad sensations that make for a rejuvenating and soothing experience, almost like relaxing at the spa on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Isn’t that all you want to do, ladies?

If you’re done with using cleansers that rob your skin of moisture or face masks that leave your skin feeling parched, it’s time for a big skincare fix, first by understanding just which ingredients can help your skin feel better.

Don’t believe everything a product label says- it may say that it’s suitable for dry skin, but that doesn’t guarantee your skin will get the love it needs.

So, whether your problem is extremely dull or parched skin or you just want to shield your skin from going red or unevenly toned- these face mask ingredients for dry skin will definitely have you covered!

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Used as a home remedy in herbal concoctions to treat dry and flaky skin, Aloe Vera has also proven to be efficient at improving skin’s moisture levels.

Aloe is a naturally occurring antioxidant that repairs any oxidative damage to the skin including dullness.

It’s perfect for people with sensitive skin and tends to absorb quickly into the skin. Its medicinal and cooling properties can heal and rejuvenate your skin instantly, keeping it glowing all day. As it helps soothe redness and irritation, it’s also ideal for acne-prone skin.

Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Mask contains Aloe as one of the main ingredients so include it in your skincare routine to leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

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Collagen masks have been all the rage in Asia much before any of us even knew its true worth as a skincare ingredient. Recently, they’ve been getting the attention they deserve in the U.S. as K(Korean) Beauty is changing our perception of skin beauty.

So, what’s all this hype about collagen?

Collagen promotes plump and elastic skin and reduces signs of aging that make us look twice our age. It’s important to know exactly which type of collagen is used in your face mask because some of them can be more effective than others. The best ones out there include Type 1 Hydrolyzed Collagen that efficiently delivers usable collagen peptides directly to the dermis layer to trigger production in the skin.

Face masks infused with Hydrolyzed Collagen are like superfood for skin since they are known for giving skin a radiant glow just after a single-use, leaving it looking luminously youthful.

To ensure your skin gets to reap all the benefits of collagen from the face mask, confirm that the ingredient list of the face mask you buy shows Hydrolyzed Collagen!

You’ll find Hydrolyzed Collagen in Vivo 24K Brightening Mask, a face mask that pampers dry complexions that are in dire need of a nourishing boost.

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Never forget to take your vitamins!

A fat-soluble with essential anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin E can moisturize the dry, patchy areas of skin that tend to bother most of us. It’s best used as an overnight, anti-aging treatment as it has a thick consistency and needs time to absorb completely.

Although it is extremely thick to spread onto skin; it is extremely effective when it comes to supporting cell function and general skin health along with fighting free radicals that can cause significant damage to the skin.

It’s a great antioxidant and even better at repairing damaged tissues so you’ll definitely see Vitamin E as an active ingredient in most face masks for dry skin.

Venofye Viperlift Bio Mask packs Vitamin E and C to deliver essential nutrients, and Kaolin Clay and Zeolite to detoxify and balance your skin.

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If you’re fed up with dry, lifeless skin, then Avocado can help you in the quest for hydration.

Avocado is rich in proteins, vitamins, and fiber, making it a brilliant superfood.

But did you know it can be used in your skincare routine too?

Loaded with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, D and E, Avocado is rich in natural emollients that help soften and hydrate dry and flaky patches by penetrating deep into the skin for intense nourishment. These nutrients are easily absorbed by the epidermis i.e. the outermost layer of the skin, leading to the formation of new skin.

Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory compounds that can help soothe and reduce redness and inflammation commonly associated with acne.

If you’re looking to revitalize dry and dull skin to give it that extra boost of nutrition and moisture, try Vivo Collagen & Avocado sheet mask.

Superfood, indeed!

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One of the most versatile herbs in the western herbal tradition, the Calendula flower extract is a botanical ingredient that is obtained from the common marigold flower and is known for its ability to heal the worst of skin problems, from wounds to scars to burns.

Due to day-to-day damage, the skin loses its firmness and calendula works to counteract that by tightening skin and protecting it against harmful UV rays.

Thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also extremely useful for dry and damaged skin and encourages fast healing and renewal of skin cells. The ingredient has natural restorative properties that shield skin from premature aging and gives skin its glow back, making it an essential in any skincare routine.

Enriched with Calendula plant extract, Vine Vera Zinfandel Illuminating Pre-Mask gently removes dead skin cells and soothes dry, sensitive skin instantly for nourished skin and a radiant complexion.

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For everybody who thought that Hyaluronic acid was just a fad, it’s proven to be one of the best skincare ingredients for dry skin. Hyaluronic acid is great at keeping all aspects of the skin balanced, protected and refreshed. It also happens to be a humectant, which means that it draws moisture from its surroundings.

Products like water-based moisturizers, serums, and face masks often contain such humectants as they help boost hydration which is a godsend for people with dry, dehydrated skin.

Hyaluronic acid works to replenish skin’s moisture- did you know that one gram of it can hold up six liters of water?

It also revives the skin’s topical layers for a softer look and feel. What you get is a glowing complexion and dry skin no more!

If achieving plump, glass skin is one of your skincare aspirations, you’ll definitely love Lionesse’s Diamond Rejuvenation Face and Eye Mask’s blend of brightening antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, and Collagen.


If your regular moisturizing regime isn’t helping and your skin is frequently dotted with dry, flaky patches then it’s definitely time to include Glycerin in your skincare routine.

Touted as a superhero when it comes to dry skin, Glycerin is frequently used in lotions, face masks, moisturizers and the like to amp up the moisture levels.

It absorbs water from the environment and works to eliminate the dull and dry patches on your skin, making it softer and suppler immediately.

To pamper yourself with a splurge-worthy mask, opt for Celestolite Cosmic Firming Mask, a concoction of nourishing ingredients including Glycerin that moisturize parched skin and counter loss of elasticity.

We’ve made sure to include ingredients that have proven to be safe and impressive. But we also suggest that you read all labels carefully before using any skincare product.

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A brilliant way to satiate dry and dehydrated skin would be to use skincare products that particularly address dry skin and include any of the ingredients we’ve listed above while avoiding ingredients that aggravate your skin- so don’t forget to do a patch test before you get around to actually using it on your face.

So, ladies, get set for gorgeous skin days because these ingredients certainly won’t disappoint you- or your skin! And let us know if we’ve missed out on any noteworthy ingredients that you think requires a shoutout.