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Beauty On The Go: 8 Travel Beauty Essentials

It is often said that women don’t know how to travel light. So ladies, if you were asked to carry one thing and only one thing to a deserted countryside or an island, what would it be?

Most of us, yours truly included, wouldn’t think twice about skipping the trip entirely!

We all agree that road trips and long flights can be exhausting. Add to that a high maintenance skincare routine and it will get even the sanest of us in a tizz.

You may have a huge stash of skincare and makeup products lying around at home but when you have to travel and with excess luggage charges hitting the roof, it gets a tad too difficult to lug around your salon in a bag. We’re not all movie stars with our own private jets, are we?

Most times we decide what we want to cart along after a quick weather/climate check of the place we are travelling to.

However, there are a few skin care essentials that you absolutely need to carry with you regardless of where you’re traveling to, be it the countryside, a mountain getaway or even someplace close to the ocean.

It’s not easy to downsize your entire skincare routine and we know it well enough having been there and done that. So, today, we’re going to look at some essential skin-care products that you shouldn’t really forget on your next sojourn!


 1. Facial Cleanser

Back in the day most of us had our moms or grandmoms insisting we wash our face. Remember all that checking, even behind the ears to ensure we did? We rolled our eyes and did as we were told without really paying much heed to the ‘why’. Turns out they knew what they were talking about!

Cleansing your face regularly is the paramount requirement for skin that looks and feels healthy and that is what Venofye suggests we do if we want to flaunt that glowing skin.

One of the biggest benefits of cleaning is that it removes the build-up of impurities that accumulate through the day and reinvigorates your skin. Packing up a cleanser for when you are on the go is a no brainer so you can cleanse your skin and maintain the level of hydration it requires.

Dehydrated skin looks and feels rough which further tips the balance of natural pH levels of the skin, making it look old.

Especially when you’re out and about, it is critical to cleanse the face often to avoid greasy, oily and aged skin. Skipping this most important step of your skincare routine could lead to clogged pores and result in the formation of severe acne. So, it’s vital that you cleanse your skin every day!

If you can’t settle on one cleanser and need recommendations, add the Venofye Queen Bee Clarifying Cream Cleanser to your stash!


2. Eye Serum / Eye Cream

Although, your body may not show signs of significant stress and travel, the area around your eyes is much too sensitive and will instantly reveal the stress you have been under.

The under-eye area is extremely delicate and it is impossible to avoid the obvious signs of stress that appear in the form of bluish-black circles. This is where eye creams and serums come in.

Eye creams and serums help hydrate and revive the delicate area under and around your eyes, making it look and feel brighter.

Brands like Venofye use ingredients like Bee Venom to tighten up and firm the delicate skin under the eye.

These creams also work towards reducing puffiness and under eye circles that make us look older than we actually are. So, eye creams and serums are definitely a yes-yes when it comes to travelling because we all know how puffy and tired those eyes can get, right?

If you are not sure of which eye cream or serum to use, we recommend you pack up a serum that is comprised of Bee Venom like Venofye Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye SerumIt works wonders at diminishing the signs of stress and fatigue around the eyes so they appear vibrant and refreshed.

anti-aging-moisturizing-cream |Virtail

3. Moisturizer

If you don’t have a lot of space in your travel bag, it’s best to choose a hydrating moisturizer that works well both during the day and the night, one that comprises of anti-oxidants that can boost your skin’s radiance.

If you’ve got a moisturizer that packs in the SPF then it’s an added bonus. Your skin’s pH balance can change constantly during travelling and having a moisturizer in your bag can help you maintain your skin’s moisture levels at all times.

Dry and dehydrated skin can make you appear old beyond your years and you definitely want to avoid that!

So, next time if you’re in need of a moisturizer and a great one at that, opt for the Venofye Queen Bee Day Moisturizer which slips easily into a carry-on!

As we like to say,

‘Don't let travel dull your sparkle.’

Infused with skin essentials like Shea Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil, this moisturizer smoothes away the appearance of dull and tired skin and gives you an instant moisture boost and a radiance boost as well.

facial-mask-for-skin | Virtail

4. Facial Mask

Having a reinvigorating face mask in your bag is a great idea if your plans include spending all your time out and about while travelling.

While a cleanser works effectively to remove impurities accumulated on the surface of your skin, it cannot penetrate deeper for a thorough cleansing. Which is where the need for a Facial mask arises.

A sheet mask is a brilliant way to take care of your skin during a long flight and we suggest our go-to brand, Venofye in times like these!

The skin tends to become dry and dull when you’re on the go which then accentuates the fine lines and puffiness, making it necessary to keep the skin moisturized at all times.

Facial masks are one of the best ways to target your skin care concerns. The right type of mask can minimize the appearance of pores, reduce puffiness, remove excess oils and aid in hydrating your skin.

Sounds brilliant, right?

Also, facial masks are perfectly compact and easy to carry around in your luggage so don’t forget to pack this one, ladies! Masks that have ingredients like collagen and Vitamin E like Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Mask are definitely worth a try and help keep your skin nourished and hydrated!

makeup-wipes-beauty-on-the-go-beautyfrizz | Virtail

5. Makeup Wipes

Thinking of packing those cotton swabs and makeup removers for a trip? We assure you they are not worth the hassle? Enter Makeup wipes, the skin saviour for all the makeup addicts out there!

Soaked in a makeup removing solution and with a packaging similar to that of wet wipes, they are easy to bring in your carry-on!

Makeup wipes are great for when you are too tired to cleanse your face after a long day of fun and travel and want to go ahead with a fast clean-up or even if you do not have access to water and cleansers.

Also, when you’re travelling, your face is exposed to a lot of pollutants and impurities and it is critical to clean and moisturize your skin before it causes breakouts or inflammation.

We recommend buying wipes that are fortified with natural ingredients like green tea extract which help in cleaning excess oil and other impurities gently. Check out Beautyfrizz’s Facial Cleansing Wipes, formulated specially to remove makeup along with moisturizing your skin.

dry-shampoo-beauty-on-the-go | Virtail

6. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are a must in your travel kit for all those times when it’s impossible for you to take a shower either because you are running out of time or when water is not readily available.

It cleanses your hair without using any water and absorbs all the oil from your hair and scalp, adds volume and makes your hair look fresh. Hair tends to become greasy with grime accumulated over time from being out on the road.

Dry shampoos are the instant solution to bad hair days...but don’t forget that even though dry shampoos are great for in between hair washes, they’re not meant to be a permanent replacement to normal ‘old school’ shampooing.

Available in different sizes, you can pick a size that fits perfectly inside a small carry-on without taking up much space.

beauty-on-the-go-venofye-lip-balm | Virtail

7. Lip Balm

Ever heard of the phrase, “Hydrated lips make an individual look younger?” It’s true!

Lip balms not only moisturize chapped lips but also seal all the dry cracks that make us look older. Believe it or not, if there is anything out there that can ruin a perfectly good vacation, it is chapped lips. Not only are they an eyesore but they can be painful too.

It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re out with your friends on a road trip during summer or when it’s cold and your lips become dry due to lack of moisture. Lip balms are a godsend – they not only moisturize but also protect and repair the skin on our lips, returning back its texture and shine.

All you need to do is slip it into your coat-pocket before you set out on your journey. Be on the lookout for lip balms with soothing ingredients like Shea Butter or Vitamin E. They can do wonders for your lips!

Also, if you’ve never thought of using empty lip balm tubes as hidey holes for your emergency stash of cash, think again.

vaseline-Beauty-on-the-go | Virtail

8. Vaseline

A small tub of Vaseline can be a life-saver at times! There’s nothing else out there that can treat your cuts, dry patches and burns as well as this wonder gel. It is an absolute necessity especially during winters, when lips get chapped and skin starts to dry and flake.

Applying even a little bit of this miracle gel helps lock in the moisture, prevent fine lines and cracked heels and even helps reduce itching on the scalp from unwanted dandruff. We could write an entire blog just on the myriad uses of Vaseline.

Having these essentials at your disposal would make your trip easy on your skin and ensure unnecessary last-minute purchases to a minimum.

Irrespective of where you’re heading to, we suggest you keep a couple of these travel essentials handy. Write us to tell if we’ve missed anything out or if there’s something you think that you definitely CAN’T travel without!