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The ever evolving dynamics of the beauty industry warrant that products and ingredients used in skin care products evolve as well. An unending quest for youth and an ever increasing demand for products that arrest or delay aging led most major and minor brands, to seek out ingredients that would specifically address this issue while also helping people acquire flawless and youthful skin.

While platinum was recognized as the 7th existing element in 1751 it is only recently that the world began to discover its numerous benefits to skin and health. There was no looking back since, and platinum emerged as the hottest trend in the world of skin care.

Enter brand Bionyx! With the help of advanced technology, the Bionyx team were able to refine this metal and use it as a primary ingredient along with a host of other powerful skin boosters in a revolutionary platinum skin care line specifically targeting aging.

The impressive line-up of products under the Bionyx banner, contain powerful skincare ingredients along with platinum which not only brings a level of luxury but also a plethora of skin benefits while cementing the position of this up and coming brand in the beauty industry.

Brand Bionyx encompasses - 

  • Turning back time with Platinum
  • Beauty with Innovation
  • Powerful treatment for Aging Skin

Pamper your skin and give it some platinum love with Bionyx