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Brand Celestolite represents a range of skincare products very much in sync with the 21st century.  Created for a generation that is getting savvier about what the products they apply on their skin, Celestolite brings them a truly out of the world experience in the very literal sense. Backed by volumes of research and using powerful botanical extracts along with scientifically proven ingredients, the Celestolite collections speak for themselves.

The USP about the brand is the use of ‘stardust’ powder in all of their products. With a focus on cleansing, firming and moisturizing along with the age old problem of aging, Celestolite products are designed using latest technology and scientific know-how to produce heavenly results.

With high silicone and mineral content, powdered meteorites are just what your skin needs to leave it hydrated and renewed. Coupled with natural extracts and skin enriching boosters, the Celestolite skincare collection seeks to minimize the detrimental effects of aging and pollution on skin while also fueling the skin with energy to help it heal and repair.

The luxurious line-up of skin care products that go beyond convention are a testimony of Celestolite’s efforts at developing and sustaining advanced, effective and safe products while bridging the gap between skincare and makeup to leave your skin healthy and glowing and a statement that Brand Celestolite is here to stay.

Brand Celetolite encompasses - 

  • Beauty That’s Out Of This World
  • Your Own Star-way to Heaven
  • Breaking Barriers to Beauty From Beyond

Let your skin bask in the magic of the stars with Celestolite.