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What sets the brand Evalectric apart from all other players in the same segment is their eclectic product range featuring bold colors and prints. The brand covers everything ‘hair’ with an array of hair tools like straighteners, curlers etc and a limited but very effective set of hair care products.

Evalectric believes that a good hair day can change your perspective about the world. This lends credo to the adage ‘good hair days makes one feel that they can rule the world’. Taking this further from an Evalectric perspective – when you love the way you look, you feel confident enough to take on the world.

With their ergonomic design, advanced technological features and professional quality, hair tools from Evalectric helping you get any style you want quickly and conveniently, while also reducing damage to the hair.

What’s more is that these tools come in a range of bold colors and prints, allowing you the choice of selecting one that most defines your personality and also sets the Evalectric a notch above the rest. Let your hair do the talking with Evalectric.

Brand Evalectric encompasses - 

  • Passionate about hair
  • Complete Hair transformations
  • Manning your Mane

Your hair at its best with Evalectric.