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Nubi Hair was born out of a passion to bring about a contemporary touch to old-school hair care. Sustained and dedicated research by the Nubi team of ‘hairgicians’ finally bore fruit with a range of hair products that combine the latest technology with potent natural extracts. The results were gentle yet powerful, high performing formulas that were able to meet individual hair needs.

With the brand’s expertise in the hair care industry bearing rich fruit, Nubi Hair also branched out into skincare also rechristening the brand as Nubi. However the brand ensured that the legacy of the brand remains intact and all Nubi products in the skin care range are also created with similar passion & a vision for perfection that define the Nubi hair care range.

What’s unique about the brand is that each and every one of their product features some of the finest and most potent ingredients with the aim of making your hair or skin strong and resilient.  

With a range of products under every segment whether it be skin care, hair care, hair tools etc, brand Nubi ensures you are spoiled for choice and also that there is a product that meets your very unique or every requirement.

Brand Nubi encompasses - 

  • Caring for your Crowning Glory
  • Taming your Mane in Style
  • Skincare Revisited

Begin your journey to the best YOU with Nubi