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Poets have long since waxed eloquence about the allure of gold and the wonders of beauty. History is testimony to wars fought and kingdoms torn asunder over the two. When it comes to terms like prestige, opulence, luxury, power and radiance both beauty and gold come to mind.

This is what inspired luxury brand OROGOLD Cosmetics to create an incredible array of beauty and skincare products that coalesce the innumerable healing and beauty benefits of gold along with its opulence and its captivating allure, combining the legacy of our ancestors with scientific know-how to redefine beauty.

OROGOLD brings you a confluence of the ancient and the modern, combining traditions and practices with modern day practicality through its range of exciting and extravagant product lines that target almost all skin types.

Give your skin an iridescent glow with a line-up of irresistible luxury products formulated with powerful anti aging formulas and of course 24K Gold. Well all that glitters at OROGOLD is actually GOLD.

Brand ORO GOLD encompasses - 

  • The Richness of Pure Gold
  • Old World Opulence with Modern Day Charm
  • Glamour & Prestige in Every Jar

Shine On With OROGOLD