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A one stop solution for all beauty and skin care needs is what defines Brand Venofye. Their intriguing and unique product range is conceptualized from the brand’s vision of not being conformed to or contained within established models. With superstar ingredient Venom in all of their products, brand Venofye has created a buzz in the bee venom skin care industry.

While their extensive product range does contain established anti aging ingredients like Collagen, Green Tea, etc, what has got the world raving is their the venom range consisting of Venom mostly from the Bees and from the Temple Viper snake.

You probably remember the first time you were stung by a bee. In fact most of us have been stung by them at one point or the other, many, more than once. What we’d all agree on without exception is that it is definitely not fun. Bee venom is currently trending in the beauty industry for its skin and health benefits. Venom has some of the best anti aging benefits earning it the moniker of ‘temporary natural Botox’ (‘Bee-tox’.)

With its innovative venom collection designed for individuals who are on a quest for the ideal skin, Brand Venofye has broken stereotypes and now rules the roost in creating products that lead to a better YOU.

Brand Venofye encompasses

  • Beauty With Venom
  • Science and Nature in a Jar
  • A Touch Of the Exotic

Create a buzz with Venofye.