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Built around the concept of Beauty for ‘HER’ Brand Vivo Per Lei seeks to enhance the beauty that exists in every woman. Vivo believes that every woman is beautiful. All it takes is the right brand and the right product to bring it out.

Vivo Per Lei prides itself on using ingredients that have proven beneficial since time immemorial.  With a focus on healthy skin, the brand built up a sensational collection of beauty and skin care products revolving around the Dead Sea.

Considered a haven for healing, Dead Sea mud and salts are used in a myriad of beauty products since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Drawing on this ancient but well documented belief, Vivo Per Lei developed an innovative and exclusive collection of products formulated to address various skin concerns.

Vivo Per Lei is now a global name and with a distinct ensemble of skincare products that do more than just ‘make-up’, the brand has lived up to its name and its aim of helping countless women achieve radiantly healthy and beautiful skin. And here’s the best part – at completely affordable prices.

Brand Vivo Per Lei encompasses - 

  • Beauty With Purpose
  • Affordable Product Range
  • Dead Sea Therapy For Skin

Be your own kind of beautiful with Vivo Per Lei.