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Dior Neautral Foundation

Dior Neautral Foundation
Dior Neautral Foundation
Dior Neautral Foundation

Dior Neautral Foundation

Blemish-free Skin Around The Clock

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If you're no fuss kind who likes her makeup to stay perfect with minimal effort, then the Dior Forever 24 hour Foundation is perfect for you.

USP: 24 hour wear with no touch-ups required.

Works Great: At giving your skin a perfect, blemish-free matte finish.

Key Players: Floral & Fruit Extracts including Wild Pansy, Rose & Iris

Quantity: 1 oz

An iconic no-transfer foundation by an iconic brand, the Dior Forever promises the perfect complexion for 24 hours, with no touch-ups required.

This fluid foundation is composed largely (86%) of a floral skincare base that is comfortable for your skin- allowing it to breathe, stay moisturized and improving its tone.

Dior Forever was tested under vigorous conditions and subjected to heat, humidity and sweat. The result? The natural matte finish stayed intact from morning to night. Additionally, it leaves no shine, beautifully evens out the complexion, and tightens pores, giving you skin that is visibly smoother and cleaner.

The foundation is non-comedogenic, helps protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays and blue light exposure, and has been tested on sensitive skin.


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