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Drunk Elephant Eye Cream

Drunk Elephant Eye Cream
Drunk Elephant Eye Cream
Drunk Elephant Eye Cream

Drunk Elephant Eye Cream

Eyes That Are Forever Young

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The passage of time is non-negotiable. Aging, however, is optional. Choose to remain forever young with eye care that fades away even the most stubborn signs of aging.

USP: Improves and moisturizes the eye area.

Works Great: Minimizing even the most stubborn of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Key Players: Vitamins C & E, Cucumber Extract and Peptides.

Quantity: 0.5 oz

C-Tango™ is a powerful formulation packed with rich antioxidants, ceramides and plant extracts, and soothing vitamins: Working together, these ingredients give your skin a refreshing and restoring boost, leaving your under eye skin radiant and youthful. A peek into its magical properties:

1. Peptides are powerful restorative agents which strengthen and improve skin tone.
2. Cumber has a cooling effect and is rich in antioxidants, perfect for sensitive skin.
3. Vitamin E helps preserve the natural lipid balance.

The C-Tango™ Multivitamin Eye Cream is gentle enough for a twice-a-day application, yet strong and powerful enough to improve the most visible signs of fine lines and aging around your eyes.


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