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Herstyler Baby Curls Curling Wand

herstyler baby curls curling iron
herstyler baby curls wand
herstyler curling wand
herstyler tapered curling wand
herstyler tapered curling iron
herstyler baby curls iron
Herstyler Baby Curls Curling Wand

Herstyler Baby Curls Curling Wand

Curls run the world, girl.

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Sure your life isn’t perfect but your curls can be, with the Herstyler Baby Curls wand. Be a queen crowned in her curls and take on the world with attitude and whorls. Make a cool ‘curlor’ statement with pink or purple curling irons.

USP: Engineered with ceramic and negative ion technology

Works Great: At creating tighter curls or ringlets

Key Players:

• Clip-less Teflon barrel

• 1/3-3/4” (9-18mm) tapered ceramic barrel

• Negative ion technology

• 1-year warranty

• Ergonomic design

• All hair types

Create tightly-wound, bouncy curls and sweet, whimsical twists and ringlets with the Baby Curls Wand. This lightweight Herstyler curling wand features a 1/3"-3/4" ceramic barrel that heats and cools in less than 60 seconds, while the negative charged ions act as smoothening agents [preventing frizz and splits by sealing the cuticles while you style. The clipless, ergonomic design of the tapered curling wand allows you to easily wrap, set and release your curls without the risk of crimping, snagging or singeing you or your delicate strands. With a choice of 2 colors; pink and purple, so you can make your own ‘curlor’ statement.