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Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Gel

Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Gel
Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Gel

Susanne Kaufmann Cleansing Gel

Cleansing That Refreshes The Skin!

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Your face is a blank canvas and thus requires the perfect 'priming.' This purifying, cleansing gel cleans away all impurites, letting you create your masterpiece.

USP: Revitalising Cleanser

Works Great: As the first deep cleansing step to your skincare routine

Key Players: Alpine Willowhub, Hyaluronic Acid, Masterwort

Quantity: 8.4 oz

Cleansing is an essential part of daily skincare regimes, and you need a cleaner that not only 'cleans' but refreshes, soothes and moisturizes.

The Purifying Cleansing Gel by Susanne Kauffman is exactly that- a cleanser that deeply cleanses your skin, without drying it out, and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, ready for your daily routine.

Additionally, it contains powerhouses such as hyaluronic acid and alpine willowheb- the first to deeply moisturize, the later to give your skin a shot of refreshment and brightness. Bisabolol, a compound of camomile, works to gently soothe any inflammation.

The cleansing gel formulation is perfectly balanced to be gentle yet effective in giving your skin a clear, glowing look.

A purifying cleansing gel to refresh and balance the skin and gently wash away dirt and make-up without drying. The perfect first step in your daily skincare routine. The 250ml size bottle is refillable.


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