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Tata Harper Oil Cleanser

Tata Harper Oil Cleanser
Tata Harper Oil Cleanser
Tata Harper Oil Cleanser

Tata Harper Oil Cleanser

Packed With A Powerhouse of Nutrients and Multivitamins

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Nature truly holds all the beauty secrets we need to feel and look our fabulous best: Just like this cleansing oil that uses a dozen different fruit and floral oils to give you the deepest cleanse.

USP: Cleansing oil packed with vitamins and nutrients

Works Great: At removing all makeup and cleansing your skin of any impurities

Key Players: Oils from Apricot Seed, Sunflower Seed, Jojoba Seed, Olives, Vitamin E

Quantity: 4.2 oz

Tata Harper's Nourishing Oil Cleanser is a true homage to the brand's "We believe in more" philosophy. Packed with an astounding 26 ingredients that include a host of multivitamins and hydrating oils, the formualtion works to give you a cleansing ritual like no other.

The cleansing oil breaks down and dissolves all makeup, all the while retaining your skin's natural hydration levels. So your skin continues to feel nourished and soft as it receives a truly deep cleanse. For those who have dry, uneven skin, the oil gives a deep moisturizing treatment, leaving your skin soft and smooth for a long time.

The oil's natural nutrients and antioxidants are what give your skin the youthful and healthy glow. These include alfalfa, borage, meadowsweet, calendula, green tea oil, elderberry fruit and grapefruit. For the unique soft texture, the oil incorporates shea butter, milk thistle esters, camellia oil, and squalane.

Coconut fatty acids, sunflower fatty acids and jojoba oil breakdown the makeup, dissolve it, and leave your skin as fresh and clean as a baby's.


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