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True Botanicals Eye Cream

True Botanicals Eye Cream
True Botanicals Eye Cream
True Botanicals Eye Cream

True Botanicals Eye Cream

For Eyes That Sparkle And Shine!

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Did you know that eyes are one of the most attractive features on a human? Many believe that eyes can reflect innermost thoughts and feelings. Let yours reflect your true beauty!

USP: Makes eyes look healthier and brighter.

Works Great: At reducing the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines.

Key Players: Resurrection Plant, Tree Bark Extract, Turmeric, Coffee extract, Licorice.

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The Ressurection Radiance Eye Cream from True Botanicals really is a true fusion of elements that give your eyes the brightness and youthfullness they deserve.

This innovative eye cream contains bioactive complexes from the resurrection plant, that help to retain moisture and protect the eye areas from drying out.

The formulation also precisely balances out: Tree bark extract, making dark circles fade away naturally; turmeric for that shot of antioxidants that brighten up the tiredest of skins, coffee and licorice extracts to depuff and work on the entire eye area. The result is eyes that sparkle with health and youth. The formulation also works to intensely moisturize the eye area and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines.

The Ressurection Radiance Eye Cream is hypoallergenic and pregnancy safe!


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