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Vine Vera Body Cream

Vine Vera Body Cream
Vine Vera Body Lotion
Vine Vera Hydrating Body Lotion
Vine Vera Moisturizing Body Cream

Vine Vera Body Cream

A hydrating dose for your dry skin woes

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A profusion of Glycerin, in this verdant body cream, so your skin feels like a dream with a nourishing & hydrating gleam and a skin-score that reigns supreme. Dispel dryness woes with Vine Vera Body Cream

USP: Relieves dryness and leaves behind silky soft skin.

Works Great: At leaving your body moisturized.

Key Players: Glycerin

Quantity: This product contains 140g / 4.9fl. oz

Give your skin a dose of moisture with this hydrating body cream which seeps into the skin supplying it with intense hydration. The moisturizing body cream provides long-lasting moisture for normal to dry skin. Slather your skin with this hydrating body lotion to replace rough, dry skin with a silky softness and a look of youthful luminosity.