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Holiday Gift Guide Favorites of 2019

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-2019 | Virtail 

‘Tis the season of joy and cheer! The holiday season is finally here.

The perfect time of the year to spoil the special people in your life with tokens of appreciation and love. Gifts that would add value and bring a great deal of cheer. 

Getting the right gift does take a lot of thought and effort which is why we want to make finding that perfect gift a wee bit easy with this Holiday Gift Guide.

Nothing makes a beauty and hair enthusiast happier than a thoughtful gift to add to their pile but giving them something that you know they haven’t tried yet is a pretty big risk. Plus, they are more knowledgeable and hence particular about the products they use than the average person so just picking up any random cream or hairspray won’t do.

Which is where are our experts come in. We’ve zeroed in on the best in the category so you have a curated list to choose from, confident in the knowledge that what you select will be nothing but the best.

From a rich face mask to a luxurious skin treatment and coveted hair tools, we have rounded up skin and hair care essentials for the women in your life. So, here’s a guide to some of our favorite products that can make wonderful gifts for everyone who’s as much into beauty as we are.

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virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-vivo-per-lei-rose-face-mask | Virtail

Vivo Rose Face Mask

  For that friend who has a gruelling schedule and needs to relax

Every beauty lover needs a face mask to slather on after a rough day at work and this one will cover all your skincare needs. The Rose face mask from Vivo Per Lei with its tantalizing scent and luxurious feel caresses the skin and lavishes the skin with the goodness of rose petals.

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-beautyfrizz-bath-bombs-set-of-six | Virtail

Beautyfrizz Luxury Bath Bomb Gift Set

  For that friend who likes to feel pampered

Gorgeous colors coupled with intoxicating scents set these bath bombs apart from others. There’s a reason why bath bombs are touted as the #1 gift for women, guaranteed to make that special one smile. Refreshing, rejuvenating and complete sensual experience, this set of bath bombs is the perfect gift for when you want to say, “You are brilliant, thank you for being you.”.

In six different scents and flavors, it is designed to create a sensory and memorable experience.

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-herstyler-argan-oil-hair-serum | Virtail

Herstyler Hair Serum

For that friend who regularly finds herself in knots

Now that we’ve entered the dry winter season, hair serums are critical to maintain healthy hair. This superstar is a bestseller in its category and transforms dull and dry hair, getting rid of the knots, taming frizz and leaving behind gorgeous glossy tresses. Perfect for that curly-haired friend, right?

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-vivo-per-lei-gold-face-mask | Virtail

Vivo Per Lei Gold Face Mask

  For that friend who loves glitz and glam

Know someone who loves to shine? Then this Gold Face Mask from Vivo Per Lei is the only gift you need to buy them. Perfect to prepare for a Saturday night out, this brightening face mask promises to leave a glow that will last through the night and more.

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-Herstyler-Floral-Fusion-Flat-Iron| Virtail

Herstyler Floral Fusion Flat Iron - Pink blossom

 For that friend who loves makeovers

For those who love switching up their hairstyle every once in a while, this handy hairstyling marvel is a dream come true. Best for when you want to give your hair a serious makeover, this Floral Fusion Flat Iron transforms unkempt tresses to shiny and straight.

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 This one is for the beauty enthusiast who you think has everything in her stash…

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-vivo-per-lei-skincare-set| Virtail

Vivo Skincare Set 

 For that friend who swears by basics

Who doesn’t love a gift set packed with everyday essentials? Vivo Per Lei’s skincare gift set features necessities like the Dead Sea Day Cream, Night Cream and Peeling Gel. Perfect for those who are particular about their skincare routines at all times, this trio of skincare warriors leaves you with glowing skin (that’s always in!).

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-orogold-dmae-wrinkle-tightening-solution | Virtail

Orogold DMAE Solution

 For that friend who never gets enough sleep

If you’re looking to pamper a loved one with something luxurious yet practical, opt for OROGOLD’s 24K DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution. This treatment is perfect for all those who want to banish wrinkles and lines with the swirl of a wand…or a dab, if we may.

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-celestolite-venus-sensitive-day-cream | Virtail

Celestolite Venus Day Cream

 For that friend who’s out of the world

 We’re all made of stardust and meteor powder…

Right out of a fairy tale with its out of the world ingredients, Celestolite Venus Day Cream boosts skin’s natural radiance and beauty. This luxe moisturizer makes for an impeccable gift, thanks to its ability to make you feel like a queen.

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-orogold-vitamin-booster-serum| Virtail

Orogold Vitamin C Booster Serum

 For that friend who loves to stand out in a crowd

Any beauty fanatic who’s been around the block has probably gone through a number of Vitamin C products (the ingredient being known for its exceptional brightening qualities). So, if you’re looking for a glow that literally lights up the room and makes you stand out in a party full of people, then this Vitamin C Booster Serum is the perfect addition to your gifting basket. We are sure your friend will appreciate the gesture!

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-vine-vera-merlot-day-cream| Virtail

Vine Vera Merlot Day Cream

  For that friend who likes to maintain her baby soft skin

If you are looking for the best moisturizer out there, there is only one that every woman needs in her skincare cache, and that is Vine Vera’s Merlot Day Cream.

Ranked as one of the top moisturizers, this anti-aging day cream is a skincare essential for all the women who desire glass skin. 

virtail-holiday-gift-guide-beauty-favorites-evalectric-cfs8-flat-iron | Virtail

Evalectric Ceramic Hair Straightener 

 For that friend who likes to be in control

Hair tools are a woman’s best friend which is why you can never go wrong with gifting one. Whether your girlfriend has pixie hair or long locks, straight or kinky curls, this hair straightener will give her mane a little extra oomph. This ceramic hairstyling tool from Evalectric allows you complete control over your hair, maintaining its health and natural sheen.

 Now that you know where to get started on that Christmas list, don’t forget to treat yourself as well- discover everything your skin and hair needs to achieve all your beauty goals just in time for the new year.

After all, what’s the festive season if not a reason to pamper yourself too?