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Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

love-yourself-this-valentines-day | Virtail

Valentine’s Day is on the way and our kind of love is in the air!

Self- care! 

Conventionally, Valentine’s Day means an effusion of pinks and hearts, chocolates and red roses but if you’re riding solo this V-Day, consider the benefits of treating yourself to your heart’s content.

How does a romantic evening with yourself sound to you?

Shower the object of your affections- YOU, with luxurious skin and hair care products coz a little pampering now and then never hurt. And while you are at it bring out those scented candles, put on your favorite music and let the moment take you along.

So show your skin some love this Valentine’s Day.

This blog tells you how -

orogold-vitamin-c-cleanser-love-yourself-this-valentines-day | Virtail

Start with The Basics

Every routine has to start somewhere and skincare routines work best when you start with the basics- cleansers! Begin with the Orogold Vitamin C Cleanser, a skin-enhancing golden essential that perks up your skin right away! Better than a regular cleanser, it cleanses and refreshes skin in just a single pump.

vivo-per-lei-rose-face-mask | Virtail

Feel Like a Queen

For a natural lit-from-within kind of glow, our pick is the Vivo Per Lei Rose Mask. Imbued with humectants that work wonders on dry and parched skin, this hydrating mask lets your skin blossom and makes your skin appear fresher and tighter in a matter of minutes.

A perfect blend of fairy tale romance and soothing rejuvenation, this Rose Face Mask from Vivo Per Le will make you feel like the queen you are.

My suggestion?

Coat on a thin layer of the gel-like mask and curl up with your favorite novel or put on a rom-com of your choice while you Mask On! Don’t forget to set the timer for 15 to 20 minutes at most.

beautyfrizz-bath-bombs | Virtail

Pamper Your Skin and Refresh Your Senses

With bath time treats to refresh your body and spirit. Bath bombs help transform something as mundane as a bath into a decadent experience and at the same time have a calming effect on the body and the mind. Run yourself a warm bath by swirling a bath bomb of your choice.

Allow the deliciously scented fragrances to melt away all your stress while your skin laps up the nutrients from the enriching ingredients in the bath bomb while the heavenly fragrances and effervescent bubbles envelope you in delightful bliss which set these Beautyfrizz bath bombs apart from the rest of its kind.

So, let the spa come home to you.

vine-vera-merlot-day-cream | Virtail

Treat Your Skin to Some Wine

Did you think I meant reaching out for a glass of Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon? Yes and no! After all, a romantic evening with yourself isn’t complete without a glass of your favorite wine.

Did you know that red wines like cabernets and pinots contain polyphenols which protect your skin from UV rays along with helping to keep it elastic? If you thought that was all, think again.

The resveratrol in red wine is well-known for reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles by reinforcing the collagen levels of the skin! Pour yourself some wine while you reach out for Vine Vera Merlot Cream. Gently slather this extravagant cream all over your face, and spread evenly until every bit of skin on your face and neck is covered. Sit back, relax and let your skin drink it in. Nothing like wine to show your skin some love.

herstyler-hair-care-set | Virtail

Treat Your Tresses To A Dose Of TLC

Go a step forward and give your dull, lifeless hair a fresh lease of life. The Herstyler Haircare Set can be your hair's best ally. Take a pea-sized bit of the Herstyler Argan Oil Serum and work through your strands to tame and condition your hair.

Once it’s done working its magic on the frizz and puts the shine back in your hair use the Straightening Comb to prep your hair before straightening. Glide the easy comb through your hair, getting rid of any tangles and move on to the Floral Fusion Flat Iron to style your hair the way you want it.

Now that I’ve given you a couple of ideas on how you can focus on yourself this Valentine’s Day, I hope you’ll write back and let me know how it works out for you! If there is anything else that you do to make yourself feel beautiful, go right ahead and do it too.

This Valentine’s Day is all about loving the skin you are in and loving yourself. So, cherish yourself this Valentine’s.