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Herstyler emerged as a brand with a focus on women and their evolving hair care needs coupled with an increasing demand for new and novel products in the hair care segment.

The launch of the Herstyler Argan Oil Serum and a range of ergonomically designed flat irons,  Herstyler soon cemented its position in the Hair Care industry and is now considered a brand to reckon with.

While the Herstyler Argan Oil Serum continues to rule the roost, the brand has capitalized on the ever increasing demand in the field of hair care, hair styling tools and hair enhancing products with the introduction of a wide range of products that cater to all hair types and needs.

The brand is eponymous with hair styling for ‘her’ and moved by a conviction that great products can also be affordable. With a vast collection of products under each product category like straightening irons, curling wands, hair serums, hair masks as well as a wide range of gift sets and accessories, Herstlyer ensures that it has something for everyone and no excuses for bad hair.

Herstyler encompasses - 

  • A Passion For Hair
  • Hair Care Made Affordable
  • Transformed Hair, Transformed Her

Beautiful hair begins with Herstyler.