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OROGOLD 24K Overnight Cream - 1.76 fl oz

OROGOLD 24K Overnight Cream - 1.76 fl oz
orogold 24k overnight night moisturizer cream
orogold 24k overnight night moisturizer
orogold 24k overnight night cream
orogold 24k overnight cream
orogold night moisturizer
orogold night moisturizer cream
orogold overnight moisturizer

OROGOLD 24K Overnight Cream - 1.76 fl oz

Hydrates, rejuvenates, overnight glow.

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Night Night, Sleep Tight, Dream Sweet, Forget the trite, While Golden Salve and Moonlight beams Shower reams of love on Silken Skin.

USP: Anti aging face moisturizer creates miracles on skin

Works Great: At reviving and renewing appearance for an inimitable morning glow

Key Players: Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Green Tea

Quantity: Each unit contains 50 g / 1.76 oz.

Rich in botanical extracts and essential skin reviving vitamins, this high-performance night moisturizer lifts up dull, dry skin, leaving it with a youthful firmness. Orogold's 24K Overnight Cream delivers intensive moisture onto your skin while you sleep to encourage the skin's renewal process, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Help rewind the visible signs of aging and wake up to beautiful skin every morning.