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OROGOLD White Gold 24K Deep Peel

orogold 24k deep peeling peel
orogold deep peeling
orogold deep peel
orogold white gold 24k multi-vitamin deep peel
orogold white gold 24k multi-vitamin deep peeling
orogold white gold deep peeling peel

OROGOLD White Gold 24K Deep Peel

To A Radiant You

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Let your skin forget everything it knows about aging. Peel your way to a youthful radiant you. Facial? Yes Please!

USP: A luxurious skin-refining gel for face and neck that promotes a more balanced complexion

Works Great: At smoothing away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Key Players: Gold, Bamboo Stem Powder and Mandelic Acid

Quantity: Each unit contains 50 ml./1.76fl ml.

With an impressive array of brightening botanical extracts and nourishing essential oils, the OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peel can be used weekly for an enhanced and brighter looking skin tone. Its unique and superior formula helps smooth away the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to make your skin glow with youthful radiance. Clear and beautiful skin is only a peel away with this Orogold Deep Peeling.